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Dec 6, 2007 06:31 AM

Rustic Kitchen-Theater District

I've seen posts about this place but mostly about the cooking demostrations/classes on Friday nights..which sound like alot of fun and I would love to do after the holidays.
However, has anyone been there recently for a regular meal? Looking for a place for 12 people
for before theater show, that's fun , lively, not too pricey etc.

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  1. I can't comment on Rustic Kitchen but another place in the area you might want to try is Teatro.

    177 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111

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      Teatro is a great rec. Have them bring you four orders of antipasto when you're seated (it's described as "antipasto for two," but four orders will be plenty for 12 people) and then have everyone order an entree (for all but the biggest eaters, a half order of pasta is plenty of food to go with the antipasto). If you're drinkers, the house red -- Il Bastardo last I checked -- is a great value. You can have a really nice meal for a very good price.

    2. Teatro is actually very good. I think its gotten better over the past year or so. They have this new dish on the menu...butternut squash ravioli that are AMAZING! all of their pasta dishes are very good!
      I have not been to Rustic Kitchen so i can't comment on it

      1. I've been 3 times now, sitting at the bar each time (they have a ginourmous flat screen in the front bar that's great for football games). I've been impressed with the food and the service;

        menu is online: - I think the prices are reasonable given the location, quality and portions (they're large).

        Last Sunday I had the tuna tartar - a large portion, very tasty with chunks of avocado that really went well. Followed with the sausage pizza - again, very good. Homemade dough (as one would expect), but also homemade mozzarella. My only complaint is damming with faint praise: the tartar was so large I couldn't finish the pizza (a rare occurrence for me). The Guenoc by the glass was a nice match and a reasonable $7.50.

        Time before that I had the wild boar pappardelle - really, really great cold weather dish. I would have gotten that on Sunday, but the server warned me off - it was overly gamey that day. As mentioned, I've found the service to be quite good and that sort warning is much appreciated.

        I think you could do much worse for a pre-show meal.

        1. It's a good option for inexpensive pre-theater dining. The food is nothing mind blowing, but it's a cut above a Fridays or an Applebee's and the prices are very reasonable.

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            Interesting that you make the comparison to Friday's or Applebee's. I never categorized it that way conciously, but it is an apt description. It does come off as a higher end version of that sort of restaurant.

          2. I've been there a couple of times with large groups and they have always offered us a nice private room to eat in at no extra cost (although both times were mid week and at lunch time, so maybe it would be more difficult to get the room at pre-theatre times?). The service was great and everyone enjoyed their food. In response to the Fridays/Applebees comment, I have never found their food to be anything like that as I associate those places with fried foods and nothing that I've had there was remotely deep fried.