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Dec 6, 2007 06:18 AM

Glory in Andover??

Has anyone been there recently and if so what did you think?
We have reservations for next Saturday with another couple and
always get a little anxious when trying a new place with guests.
Any feedback would be appreciated

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  1. Haven't been in a few years, but I recall Glory as being a place that was ambitious for the suburbs, nice understated decor, doing a kind of prettily-plated New American that looked a lot better than it tasted. One visit was enough. It did not compare favorably with my then-favorite in the neighborhood, Cassis (which I think has changed hands but not concept, Country French, since my last visit).

    Looking at the current menu, Glory looks much, much more expensive (apps in the mid teens, entrees averaging in the high twenties), making me wonder if there has been a kitchen changeover. Sorry I don't have a more recent report.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I think it's overrated and expensive, while the decor is nice, it's not consumable. Casis did change hands but is still a quante place with excellent food. You'll see me there before Glory or it's sister restaurant Evenfall in Bradford. Unfortunately that's all Andover can offer.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I agree with MC Slim JB. I was there last fall and was incredibly disappointed. The decor was lovely but the food was average at best. I will get my notes and revisit this site if there's something salient in terms of the details, but I recall thinking "faded Glory."

      2. very nice place. we hit it up probably once a month or so. the lounge has a kinda hipster vibe that they can usually pull off. although we've never sat in the restaurant (we're Bar people) it looks very nice and talking to friend's that do dine at tables there, they like the service. they're pretty good with fish but i think the best value on the menu is the hanger steak at around $22. we've also had some decent luck with desserts, a caramel banana bread pudding last year was a standout. bartending is usually spot on as they have a separate service bar to handle the DRs.

        as the other posters mention there is Cassis, which we like also, but is a totally different animal in that it's strictly a dining destination. EvenFall is pretty close to Glory in food and atmosphere and benefits from two bars.

        1. We went Saturday night and it was good but I'm not sure we'll rush back.
          Food and service was average . I agree with previous posts that this place is over rated and expensive. Lounge is dark and lacks a "buzz".