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Eggs and Garlic

I find this combination unpalateable, but know someone who go crazy for it. Is this an anomaly, or do a lot of people go for this?

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  1. I found myself saying eww when I read the title of your post. I cannot think of many combinations except maybe a quiche or frittata.

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      I tried the combo once, and had to throw it out after one bite. I am not one to waste food, so that's saying a lot. It completely pollutes and skews the taste of the egg IMO. Even in a quiche or frittata, it's an unwelcome addition as far as I'm concerned.

    2. No, unless we include caeser salads or egg toast with roasted garlic spread over the bread.

      1. I made scrambled eggs with a chopped clove of garlic in it yesterday. I love it!

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          I'm with scuzzo, I use garlic in my eggs frequently. One of my favorites is to saute some garlic and a chile pepper in olive oil, wilt some spinach in the mix and fry up a couple eggs in the same pan. I then take some fried polenta, or toast when lazy, top it with the spinach and then the eggs. A few of my guests like to have some crumbled cheese added between the spinach and the eggs - we have used either parmesan or gorgonzola depending on what we have to hand.

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            Mmm, garlic, eggs and spinach! Yea! I saute spinach with lots of garlic and make an omelette. And sunny side up eggs on fried polenta??? Totally rocks!

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              Sounds great. Feta would be good, too.

          2. Spanish garlic soup often includes poached eggs.

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              And sometimes partially poached eggs. Even so, this is a winner.

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                We do garlic soup at this time of year with a poached egg on top of crusty rustic toast and I love it...but nothing is worse thatn scrambled eggs and garlic...I have no idea why with scrambled it totally grosses me out!

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                  Can you post your garlic soup recipe? We had some at a tapas place (with a poached egg) last night that was awesome, so I'm on the hunt now!

              2. My Italian friend convinced me that just a hint of garlic is great with omelettes or scrambles, and by a hint I mean cut a garlic clove in half and rub it over the surface of your pan before adding olive oil and heating.

                1. Fried slices of smoked Csabai sauage in scrambled eggs is a Hungarian breakfast standby. The smokiness of the sausage brings everything together. There is nothing wrong with a Basque omelette either.

                  1. I think people who are crazy about garlic will put it in anything.

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                      Not me. I love of the garlic, and while I do like it in eggs, there are preparations that are entirely incorrect with that flavor added.

                    2. you mean like in an omelette or scramble or something? but of course this is good, and not exactly a big secret or some new invention....

                      1. I don't think it's that bad. I personally prefer onion with eggs. I don't know if I've ever had garlic in my eggs, but I know I've had garlic bagels with bacon/sausage, egg, and cheese.

                        1. I think garlic is essential in scrambled eggs & mushrooms, and works well with any scramble or frittata that contains tomatoes. I also like to make up enough extra garlic butter (which I make half-and-half with butter and olive oil) so I'll have some to cook the next morning's eggs, whether scrabled or fried.

                          1. I don't think it's very strange. A typical Filipino breakfast is fried eggs with garlic fried rice. It's a good combo.

                            1. parsee breakfast dish eggs akuri has garlic in it along with onions, tomatoes, cumin, cilantro. made it for breakfast last sunday and it was scrumptious. so love garlic in eggs.

                              1. Isn't it common to rub a spoon with garlic and use that to push eggs around in the pan? I think I read that on this website.

                                1. Wondering OPer, have you ever actually had eggs in which a recipe for preparing them called for garlic. You weren't real specific in your OP. Does thought of the combination of eggs and garlic just sound unpalatable or did you actually eat eggs/egg dish prepared with garlic. It looks as though many in fact do go for this as evidenced by 13 posts here who either use/used garlic with eggs/egg dishes or agreed with those who think it's not unusal and or sounds okay.

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                                    Yes I have tried the combination, as evident from my second post in the thread. I am surprised to see so many like the combo, though admittedly, some of the suggestions sound good. I feel as if I should give it another try, since it has been a couple of years. The recipe I tried was pulled from an online link sent to me, I believe, but I dont remember much else about it. I think it was a breakfast dish, and it contained sausage and some garlic salt in addition to fresh garlic. Maybe the garlic salt was the problem. I do like sweet onion with eggs, though, so I didn't understand why I found it so disgusting. I tried the recipe without the garlic (and garlic salt) and had no problem with it. I'll see if I can dig it up.

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                                      garlic salt? now that is disgusting...anytime and anywhere.

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                                        madgreek - it could have been the garlic salt, as you suggest, bad garlic or even the choice of sausage. There are so many variables. Which keeps cooking interesting! If you enjoy sweet onions with eggs you might let your garlic cook a bit more so it takes on that sweet roasted flavor. I find eggs sufficiently neutral in flavor to serve as a canvas for many dishes. Poached or fried eggs are wonderful with a bit of spice since the, IMHO, are quite cooling and the smooth texture of the yolks is woderful with a slightly crispy base...

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                                          Garlic salt is not the same as fresh garlic. I don't really like garlic salt, but I like garlic a ton.

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                                            yeah, garlic salt, big difference. Powdered garlic can be useful (sometimes more useful than fresh even) but garlic salt never helps, anything! Off the top of my head, I can't even imagine how or why anyone did or would want to "invent" the stuff in the first place...

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                                              Had to keep reading until I found a mention of garlid powder...Yes, I sometimes will put a dash of garlic powder, or even Adobo seasoning on (or, IN scrambled) eggs....omelet, fritata...and granted, a fritata usually has things like potatoes and onions in it, so additional seasoning is more than necessary. I can see where the higher egg to garlic ratio (as in a fried egg or plain scrambled) may make the garlic more pronounced, but as with any recipe, balance is everything.

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                                            Sorry when I replied I hadn't read your second post and was repsonding only to your first. I'm glad to see in your third sentence here you're keeping an open mind and willing to give it a try! Indeed as a few after this post have said there is a big difference in garlic salt and fresh garlic. Garlic salt, at least to me, usually imparts a stronger more pungent garlic taste than fresh garlic, espcially fresh garlic that has been cooked and added to food or added to food while the food is being cooked. When I use garlic salt, it is always 'spraingly' for sure. The various ways of preparing and cooking fresh garlic generally mellows out the flavor often bringing out a nutty essence. The flavor prepared/cooked fresh garlic imparts to food it has been added to is far different than that of garlic salt. Good luck and I hope you find that eggs and 'fresh' garlic' are indeed a match!

                                        2. I never tried it in the past until I saw this Barefoot Contessa recipe. The results were delicious! The eggs were light and flavorful. This dish could easily be served in the evening along with baguette toast and a glass of wine. Give it a try.


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                                            I have made this a number of times and it is always delicious!

                                          2. Garlic in eggs is fine IF there are other ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, etc. If there are no other ingredients going in, I'd prefer a scallion omelet or scramble. Scallions and eggs are natural partners, IMO. I'd rather spice plain eggs with something along the lines of a turmeric based curry powder than just garlic. One of my favorites is curry powder scrambled eggs on top of toast with strawberry jam.

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                                              "Garlic in eggs is fine IF there are other ingredients"

                                              i completely disagree. in honor of this thread, i made an egg and garlic scramble thursday night(ok, i added cracked pepper and a little butter). rockin' good time!

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                                                Good for you. I don't care for the combo alone.

                                            2. Roasted garlic paste + sunny side up = just grrreeatt!

                                              1. That San Francisco favorite, Joe's Special (a hamburger meat, spinach, onion, egg scramble), traditionally has a garlic presence -- either minced garlic or garlic powder.


                                                1. one of the things i appreciate about eggs in general is their versatility. they taste great on their own in all of their usual applications, and they work well with so many ingredients in both savory and sweet dishes. as a binder, a base for custards, in baked goods, etc.

                                                  so i find it interesting that people would find the combination of garlic and eggs to be distasteful. i've never heard this complaint before. if the eggs weren't the primary focus of a dish, would you still hate it with garlic? for example, in a spaghetti carbonara, where the egg just coats the pasta, flavored strongly with garlic and black pepper? or in a fried rice with garlic, where eggs are scrambled into the rice or shredded into ribbons throughout it?

                                                  having a korean background, an easy quick meal for me is kimchi fried rice, which i always scramble an egg in, or place a thin omelette sheet on top. never mind the garlic i add, the pungent spicy kimchi is loaded with fermented garlic flavor. i'd miss the egg if i didn't have some handy.

                                                  so clearly a lot of people do like the combo, but many don't, like yourself. eat them any way you find enjoyable. a lot of people are really specific and picky about their eggs, from my experience. myself included. my personal egg issue is with hard-boiled egg yolks. i can't stand them. i eat hard-boiled eggs all the time but i also throw out the yolk. and it's not as if i can't cook them right. i can boil eggs in my sleep without sulfuric, green-rimmed nasty yolks, but i can't eat them, unless mixed with a LOT of mustard in a deviled egg. come to think of it, i think a garlicky deviled egg would make me very happy.

                                                  1. eggs fried spanish style in olive oil are very good with garlic cooked alongside or with with garlic sauce.

                                                    1. Regarding garlic salt vs. fresh garlic

                                                      Garlic salt, at least to me, usually imparts a stronger more pungent garlic taste than fresh garlic, espcially fresh garlic that has been cooked and added to food or added to food while the food is being cooked. The various ways of preparing and cooking fresh garlic generally mellows out the flavor often bringing out a nutty essence. The flavor prepared/cooked fresh garlic imparts to food it has been added to is far different than that of garlic salt. Good luck and I hope you find that eggs and 'fresh' garlic' are indeed a match!

                                                      1. Uhh, ehhheuuw.
                                                        Funny, I read the title and instantly got that sour, heavy, icky stomach just from thinking about it...ugg.
                                                        Then I read everyone elses answers and I'm happy to know that I am not alone.
                                                        I decided to read the post to see if there was something I'm missing because I LOVE eggs and I LOVE garlic, but not together....eeehhg!

                                                        1. I know that this is a four year old thread, but worth reviving. I just made garlic eggs this morning, one of my favorites....although with full disclosure I love garlic.

                                                          I used a garlic-infused olive oil to saute half a clove of minced garlic. I only sauteed for about 15 seconds before cracking two eggs over the top. I cooked the eggs normally, then added the rest of the minced garlic before flipping the eggs over for 15 seconds.

                                                          For me, this all started from my grandma's baked eggs. She puts a half stick of butter in a 9x13 glass dish, followed by onion, assorted peppers, and minced garlic. Then she breaks eggs into the dish and bakes it all at 350 until the yolks are slightly firm, slightly runny.

                                                          1. I often add a clove of crushed garlic to scrambled eggs. It adds a nice taste and is not strong and pungent. No one would know if I didn't tell.
                                                            One of my favorites is scrambled eggs with chopped cilantro, minced tomatoes and a little crushed garlic.

                                                            1. It depends. If the garlic is in something else that goes into the eggs (like sausage or greens), then it's not so bad, pretty good. But, just garlic and eggs.... no. The soups mentioned sound good, and I like egg in soup, but scrambled eggs with garlic, nope. Doesn't sound or taste good to me.

                                                              1. Taste is a funny thing, as all these diverse responses demonstrate. As I said back there in 2007, I love the egg-garlic combination, whether it's eggs fried in garlic butter, scramble with chopped garlic, or raw garlic and raw eggs in garlic mayonnaise. What I do NOT like is cooked eggs and sugar, whether as custard or a dessert soufflé, or (to a lesser degree) meringue. That tastes like burnt hair to me. Mrs. O knows this, and when we were visiting her relatives in France she was alarmed to learn that our very special dessert that night was to be Isles Flottant, "Floating Islands" of meringue in custard. But I took a portion, ate it without a grimace, complimented the cook and then politely refused seconds, She was SO proud of me …

                                                                  1. A combination that is quite a bit milder that you might want to consider is eggs and garlic shoots, instead of the cloves. We chop up the shoots , pan fry in a little oil, and the add a few eggs and fry. The mild flavour is quite different from regular garlic, and goes wonderfully with eggs. I haven't ever seen the shoots sold in N.A but they are common in India (and in my mothers herb garden).

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                                                                      Hey sakina, garlic shoots in eggs sounds brilliant! I've only ever had them in things like stir fry (they are quite popular in Hunan and Sichuan dishes here in Vancouver for example). And if we are thinking of the same thing, they should be available in Asian greengrocers, in case your mum's garden stock runs out.

                                                                    2. Lobster Cantonese or Shrimp in lobster sauce. Egg garlic and minced pork.

                                                                      1. Had a friend who used to add a ton of garlic whenever he'd make scrambled eggs. Taste was not terrible but it always gave everybody indigestion. He used a LOT of garlic.