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Dec 6, 2007 05:40 AM

Basil's Legend's returns as Basil's Lambchop House (Route 33)

I really missed this place when it closed down in September for a long (and needed) renovation.

It's in the Days Inn (I know, right?) on Route 33 just west of Turnpike Exit 8.

There's lots of new menu items but I can't tell you about them because I go to Basil's with one thing on my mind - lamb chops. But here, he's surprised me by adding a new "American Lamb Chop" offering besides his usual New Zealand lamb chops. They cost $10 more - $35, which is probably as much as they charge for a room at the Days Inn, but they are fantastic. The New Zealanders are still great, but the American chops, which come from Colorado and - Basil assures me - are raised by greeks, are worth the extra ten - bigger, meatier and a little tenderer. I like them best "Savoy style."

Another new option are the greek potatoes, which are tasty, though I still prefer the rice.

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