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Dec 6, 2007 05:38 AM

Steakhouses in Norwalk CT??

Meeting up with some friends in Norwalk next week for dinner. They will be driving on 95 up from NJ to RI. They asked me to find a good steakhouse. Would anyone recommend either Porterhouse in SONO or Blackstones on 7? If not, where should we go???


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  1. I have never been to Blackstone's but I used to LOVE Porterhouse. I haven't been in about a year, but if they are what they used to be, I would definately recommend them.

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      I'd put my steak trust in Porterhouse. Our office does our holiday party there every year and they do very well. Match, while not a "steakhouse" per se, does also have a steak on the menu that I imagine would be quite tasty.

    2. Not exactly Norwalk, but Morton's in Stamford is right off 95.

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        Stay away from Mortons. If jfood writes what he really thinks it would probably be deleted for good reason. just stay away.

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          I didn't want to say anything since I have never been there myself. However, to quote my cousin " I really like their roasted chicken".

      2. I went to Blackstones for a group lunch once and the service was awful. There was a lot of yelling coming from the kitchen, some people in our group didn't get what they ordered, some got nothing at all.

        Those of us that got what we ordered thought that the food was actually pretty good though. The physical environment is nice there too.

        1. In Darien there's Chuck's Steakhouse on the Post Road right near Exit 11 and Giovanni's on the Post Road right at the Stamford/Darien line (Exit 9).

          Anyone ever been to either of these places?

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            I haven't been to Chuck's in years, but it used to be a favorite standby of ours. Nothing special -- they have a pretty decent salad bar and good steaks.

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              I found Chuck's in Danbury, CT, to be of average, not bad quality.

              But how about Willett House in Portchester, NY? Also off I-95 and the quality is much better than average. Or at least it was.

          2. It's not in Norwalk but There is also Bennetts in Stamford


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              curious if youhave been to bennert's. jfood was there maybe 5 years ago so the data is stale but it definitely went into the blech bucket. if you have more current data from a recent visit that would be great.

              There are good steaks to be had in the general area at other restos, but steakhouses is zippo in jfood's opinion.