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Dec 6, 2007 04:57 AM

New York Hospital UES take out

Desperately in need of any recommendations for decent take-out near NY Hospital, 68th and York. I feel like I"m living in the twilight zone where every meal comes from the hospital, even if I order in.

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  1. Here's a post I wrote in June when DH was at NYHospital...I was relieved/thrilled/delighted to find this small modest spot...

    Tawaa...Not fancy, it's basically take out/deliver but better than other UES Indians I've tried... The chicken curry & chicken tikka are light, not greasy, pleasantly seasoned but not hot or too heavy-handed...Comes with rice & 2 veg + hot naan...the yellow dal and spinach are both good...the portions are generous so you definitely won't go hungry...

    Prices are 50% off after 8PM so here's the rare NYC bargain: dinner for $4.88!!

    It's clean & well lit, there are about 5 stools & a counter if you want to eat in. All in all this friendly & bustling little place serves up satisfying if not superduper gourmet Indian food but that's not the aim here... Nice to know about when you're in the neighborhood or don't feel like cooking...

    401 East 68th 212.452.0491

    Need to add that I haven't tried this since June ...

    There is also an excellent sushi place on 70th just west of York...lots of drs/nurses eat there....I don't recall the name but someone at the hospital will probably be able to help...

    Also there's a Pain Quotidian nearby for decent lunches/sandwiches etc

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      Thanks for the info on Tawaa -- I noticed on their menu that they have Chicken Tikka Kathi Rolls (listed under Appetizers), for $4.95. Do you know if these are similar to the ones at Roomali (27th Street) or Kati Rolls in the Village? I go to Roomali at least once a week -- it would be great if Tawaa's rolls were as good since I live in the East 60s.

      1. re: Foodboy

        Sorry, but I never tried the Kathi Rolls. If you do, would you please report back?