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Dec 6, 2007 04:23 AM

Hyde Park Update

Could Hyde Park be seeing the start of a turning point for being a food wasteland? Here's the latest that was in Wednesday's Herald. I will be really excited to try out Townsend's when it opens. Also I was interested to hear they are revamping Vintage in W. Roxbury. Meanwhile, there seems to be continued slow progress at the future CF Donovan's on HP Ave. It's really starting to look nice - I hope they open soon!

New tastes in the ’hoods

Chef and restaurateur Jeff Fournier is piling plenty of new projects on his plate.

Fournier, who has earned critical acclaim for his 51 Lincoln in Newton, recently partnered with Michael Talon, the former owner of the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge, to create Irish-themed Townsend’s Restaurant in Cleary Square, Hyde Park. When it opens next week, look for high-end pub fare, such as duck confit tacos, along with the warm glow provided by Irish poitin and a large, stone fireplace. The pub will abut the duo’s new cafe, TC’s Coffee House.

Fournier also took over Vintage in West Roxbury a few weeks ago. He’s eighty-sixed the steakhouse menu and replaced it with “my take on contemporary American classics.” And he plans to launch a new catering company sometime in the near future

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  1. Thanks for the update, JudyHP. It's great to see that Hyde Park might finally have a couple of destination spots for food. Townsend's sounds really good--I'll have to grab a table by the fireplace later this month or sometime in January.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      And I've been eyeing the Park Ave. Lounge for a potential "cool spot?.

      1. re: Joanie

        Most definitely. Is their Thursday night jazz series continuing into the winter? Actually, I wish the place would do jazz on Saturday nights. Thursdays are tough for me.

        1. re: hiddenboston

          I have not had a chance to try the Park Ave Lounge at night, but have gone there for a few drinks after bowling at Ron's. KEeping this food-centric, the ice cream at Ron's is fantastic.
          Artists-at-Large hosts a monday night music night called the Music Workshop at the Eagles Lodge in Cleary Sq that is really quite interesting, both for the entertainment and venue.

          1. re: JudyHP

            Coincidentally, the Eagles Lodge is across the street from the new CF Donovans.

    2. Great news! H.P. has been waiting a long time for some decent destinations. Thanks for the update.

      1. Fournier's a great talent; I think the food at 51 Lincoln is terrific. It's also good to hear that Vintage has been taken over. That was the worst expensive steakhouse I've ever been to in Greater Boston, just awful in so many ways.

        1. Last week in the newspaper I noticed a help wanted ad for the CF Donovans opening where Marios was. Progress? I hope so.

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          1. re: catsmeow

            would any of you be so kind as to post locations of these 3 new spots? I haven't a clue about that area but would like to investigate. Unfortunately, the google search was unsuccesssfull. Thanks!

            1. re: blacknbleu

              None are open yet, but CF Donovans is going to be at around the 1300 block of Hyde Park Ave at the corner of Dana Ave. Mario's use to be there. It's about one block before the Star Market coming from Cleary Sq. Townsends as well as the bakery/cafe opening next to it is going to be at the edge of the sq.around 79 Fairmount Ave just before the bridge going to Truman Pkwy and just past the fire station but on the other side of the street..

              1. re: catsmeow

                thanks so much catsmeow - i ve got a clear picture now- actually drive thru there quite often- much oblidged

          2. I stopped at Townsends location today and was told it was going to open in about 2 weeks. It still has a ways to go but there is a beautiful bar and stools in place and most of the cosmetics are done. It looks like it's going to be very nice. There's also a wonderful large fireplace.

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            1. re: catsmeow

              I drove by Townsends last night and there was an event of some kind going on inside. I found out today that it was a wine tasting / fundraiser hosted by Albert Winestein's (the wine shop across the street). Barbara Lynch provided the food.

              It looked like a big crowd. Hopefully, it'll be open to the public soon.