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Looking for Jackson, MI Recommendations

Hello fellow hounds - I will be in Jackson, MI this weekend on business. As such, I am looking for any recommendations in the surrounding area. This is my 1st trip to MI. Haven't found much using the search tool except maybe Zingerman's in Ann Arbor. I don't mind driving a bit. I will be on my own, and I am pretty much open to any/all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. not much "fine" dining in Jackson, however, I also like Giglio's on Brooklyn road whenever I pass through.

    1. Win Schuler's in Marshall has been an area tradition forever.

      1. Wow, stumper. I can't think of one place to recommend in Jackson. Don't get me wrong, there are some good restaurants (look in the downtown area), but not much Chow-worthy.

        Chelsea is a little town about 20 miles east of Jackson and you'll find an excellent restaurant called the Common Grill that will be worth the drive.


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          Some people like Daryl's in downtown Jackson--started by a former Common Grill cook. I've been meaning to go--try it and let us know. On the low end, Jackson has its own variety of coney dog, with spiced ground meat on top of the dog. I prefer the Detroit chili-dog type personally, but try Todoroff's--it's gotta be pushing a century in business.

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            Todoroff's! Yes! I forgot all about that place. They have great gutbusting chili dogs and fires. And a cool/weird 1950's spaceship-looking restaurant. Kinda on the outskirts of town in Blackman Twp. But definitely worth it for a junkfood lunch.

            Also, if you need a place for a beer and a deep fried pickle, try the Hunt Club.

        2. Or, if you're willing to drive to Ann Arbor, you could go to Okemos, which is 30 minutes north instead of east. Restaurant Villegas is the rec. Excellent food and since you're from out of town will give you a chance to sample the local meat/produce since that is the chef/owner's MO.


          Common Grill was a great recommendation too, seconded.

          1. I like the Jaxon Pizza factory 800 North Waterloo Street Jackson, MI 49202 - best pizza I have had in a long, long time. It's more of a diner type place, but my hubby used to work in Jackson and we used to go to lunch there whenever I paid him a visit at his office.

            1. Thanks to all for the suggestions!

              My trip was shortened. As such, I was only able to try Todoroff's, where I had the standard Coney Island Dog and Fries. A very tasty (albeit indulgent!) lunch indeed.

              I will be returning in the next few weeks, at which time I will report on some of the other recommendations!

              1. Being a chowhound visiting Jackson and not making the push to Ann Arbor is like being a compulsive gambler who vacations at the Hoover Dam and doesn't get to Vegas, time permitting of course. It's a 15 minute mash at 85mph down the I94 corridor past the sprawl of chainstore fastfood mediocrity which englufs the hinterlands of our post GM/Ford/Chrysler fallout economy. Michigan has the most obese population in the country, and Ann Arbor is like Disneyland around here.

                You could eat at Jerusalem Garden for some great falafel and baklava. The Blue Nile Egyptian sponge bread feast is well worth the trip. Zingerman's is a necessity if you enjoy Jewish Rye Bread Ruebens. The attitude at Blimpy Burger is as rich and delicious as the grease coating the food. The freakshow at the Fleetwood entertains you late night. Sample the goodies and ignore the iphones and ostentation at Amer’s Mediterranean Deli. The Thick Tomato Pies at Anthony's Gourmet Pizza are too rich to get through. The original Cottage Inn Pizza for authenticity or bragging rights. The coed cacophony at the Brown Jug makes it a feast for your eyes and your gullet. You are a few years too late for the Jamaican Jerk Chicken at Bev's Caribbean Kitchen, but outside of that walk around and find a Thai Japanese Indian Korean etc. place that is not a chain and you'll probably luck out.

                Also, please hit up a Whitecastle for five burgers and a large bag of chickenrings if you want to groove on that Native Detroit Vibe. Just don't go too far East of Ypsilanti or you'll get carjacked and murdered (kidding). OK - you caught me, actually it really is that is bad, I'm not kidding.

                If you happen to stumble across an authentic Philly Cheesesteak joint during your adventure, and you make it out alive, please report back. I've yet to find a cheesesteak in the Great Lakes State that even aspires to the level of a Gino's or Pat's, to say nothing of Voltaco's in OCNJ. That is to say, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup.

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                  "Just don't go too far East of Ypsilanti or you'll get carjacked and murdered (kidding). OK - you caught me, actually it really is that is bad, I'm not kidding."

                  Give me a break. Why do you feel obliged to badmouth Metro Detroit? The last thing we need is more negativity in this area. I've lived in A2 and in Detroit (city of, thank you very much) and "made it out alive" from both places.

                  And to keep this chowish...I don't know how authentic they are, but Mary's Fabulous on Packard used to make a fantastic cheese steak.

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                    AFAIK, those are no longer on the menu. Izzy's Hoagie shop on W. Stadium has a good one, though.