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Dec 6, 2007 03:05 AM

ISO Goose in SD/Goose for Xmas

We're going to do goose this Xmas. Can anyone recommend a source for good goose (frozen is fine). Any recommendations on preparation?

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  1. Major Market in Escondido or Fallbrook- it is an IGA, but a "fancy" one.

    Tip Top Meats also used to carry frozen goose.

    I always practice cooking the meal/each dish before a major holiday to get my own technique and oven heat/timing down.

    1. I can't guarantee they'll have goose, but there is an fresh poultry butcher less than 1/2 block south of the corner of El Cajon Blvd. and Euclid (look for the Jack-in-the-Box on the corner and turn south). It's located in a small "L" shaped strip shopping center with lots of parking. The signage for the strip mall is almost entirely in one of the southesast asian languages (Vietnamese?) but there is a sign in Spanish on top of the building screaming "POLLOS y PATOS" (chickens and ducks). The operation is run by Asians with varying degrees of English skills and they do live butchering, which you sometimes have the opportunity to observe firsthand through the large plate glass window in the front of the shop. You can ask if they do goose or would be willing to get and dispatch one for you. If you do get a freshly killed goose, be sure to let it sit (refrigerated) for about 24 hours so that it can go through the rigor mortius stages and be tender and not tough. Or just try Siesel's. They do will probably have one, although it might be frozen. They sell turducken, so I would imagine they'd also sell goose.

      Roast the goose, and save the grease that cooks out. Saute potatoes in the goose fat. ARtery clogger but excellent.

      1. i get mine every year at jimbo's

        1. Seisels Market has goose. You can order it at about $5 lb if I remember right. They may have a frozen goose hanging around for you.