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Dec 6, 2007 02:54 AM

Niche on Danforth Closed

First they had a sign up that they closed due to a plumbing emergency early this week. Now there is a long letter from the owner saying they had to close suddenly, their coffee will still be available at a local grocer, and please come see us at our other location.

I'll miss it. In a world of other beans, their coffee wasn't the top, but it was much better than Starbuck's and Tm Horton's. Also, their three cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

Anyone have any idea why they closed, beyond the usual reason that they weren't pulling in enough revenue?

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  1. I went in a few weeks ago. That place was stifling hot because of poor ventilation. I had to leave after half an hour because I was sweating buckets. Maybe there were too many problems to fix or else the landlord wouldn't address them. It wasn't the cozy place I was in a year ago.

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      I think I read back when they opened that the owner of Niche also owned the building.. it was in a G&M article about improvements/problems along that strip.

    2. Has anyone checked out their Queen West location? I popped in there for a muffin one day (not bad) and it looked quite cute. The breakfast/brunch menu was appealing. Disappointed to hear their coffee may not be up to scratch.

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        Their coffee isn't in the league of a Manic or an Alternative Grounds, but it certainly isn't terrible coffee. Sorry if I gave that impression.

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          I was at the Queen West location this past weekend. There isn't alot of seating but the coffee was good, I would say above average coffee when compared to the regular chains.

        2. DH was in there several months ago and the staff were speculating that they might not re-open after a closure for renovations scheduled that week. So I guess the issues, whatever they were, have been ongoing.

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