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Dec 6, 2007 01:32 AM

Breakfast places near the airport serving breakfast during lunch hours?

What are the best places near the airport that serve breakfast during lunch hours also?

My ideal breakfast place would serve delicious migas as well as really good pancakes and french toast. However, I haven't found both in any one breakfast place, and either would do!

Just as difficult to find is a place that serves breakfast through lunch hours, as I fly in on Fridays arriving at 11-ish.

Last time while catching a matinee with a buddy at the Southpark Cinemark we ate the Village Inn closeby after not finding another place that serves breakfast. My pancakes were the most bland pancakes I've every had, and the scrambled eggs were dry. I was asked if I wanted a piece of pie about 7 times though ;-).

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  1. Waffle House is right at Riverside and Ben White/ 71 and serves breakfast 24 hours a day.