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Dec 5, 2007 10:35 PM

Christmas Tree Ice Cream?

I was thinking it would be fun and different to make Christmas tree ice cream but I'm sort of stuck on how to do it. I was thinking of grabbing a handful of needles from my tree and infusing the milk with them but I'm not sure if this is safe. Any ideas?

Also any suggestions for good pairings with Christmas tree ice cream?

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  1. That sounds inspired! I guess the safety of a handful of needles would depend what the source of your tree is.... If it's from your yard - that's one thing, a tree-lot, well, that's another.
    I once made rosemary icecream (another little needle) and was told it tasted like a Christmas Tree, in a good way. Maybe that's another possibility - but it's not pine, I suppose.
    A Christmas decoration inspired spread is intriguing (just don't go infusing mistletoe or poinsettia!)

    1. I didn't think you really meant pine flavored! Maybe to be safe, use rosemary, I think it's pretty pine flavored. You could use almonds for pine cones, which would be nice with rosemary... You could use rosemary sprigs laid in a mold to get a needle-like texure, pulling the sprigs off after it's set. Let me know how it turns out?

      1. Fresh crushed or ground pine nuts would probably provide the pine flavoring.

        1. Try using spruce beer as your liquid.

          Stir in some toasted pine nuts for added flavour and texture.

          And more importantly, tell us how it goes!

          1. This reminded me on an old, old Grape Nuts commercial where Ewell Gibbons says, "many parts of a pine tree are edible". As a kid, we used to joke about that ad all the time.