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Lindt Truffles, Locally?

I'm on a hunt for Lindt truffles, and I do need a lot. ebay has them for around $40 for five pounds but I'm hoping for a local source. Has anyone noticed drugstores, markets, or specialty stores running specials on these?


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  1. I know Target has them.. have you tried that?

    1. i think i saw them at longs drugs on san vicente in brentwood on a display shelf of random specialty foods...next to the boxes of tea.

      1. I saw quite a few different flavors (dark, milk, white, peanut butter etc...) of Lindt Truffles at Cost Plus World Market.

        1. Cost plus and even Walmart

          1. Walmart! Of course, they have everything! Let's hope they have huge holiday packs. Thanks, everyone!

            1. Dunno about specials, but Gelson's always has them.

              I think I'm addicted to the white chocolate ones.

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                They need to start selling packages of only the white chocolate truffles. I've only seen the mixed packages and single packages of dark, milk, mint, etc. I demand equality.

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                  They do have single packets! I saw them last time at Gelson's, and today at Cost Plus they had both the smaller packets (12) and bigger ones (21).

                  Thanks all, I'll be heading to Costco this weekend. I'm assuming they only have the more common colors (red, blue) so I'll supplement with the other colors from Cost Plus if I must.

              2. Cost Plus sells them as well.

                1. Costco has them, and they are dirt cheap.

                  Otherwise, Target is pretty good...especially when they have sales.

                  I'd avoid CostPlus/Gelsons because they're on the pricey side.

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                    I was going to say Costco. They got them in gallon sized buckets. They're in the back where the Christmas gift baskets are...or if not there, then candy aisle.


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                      The bag of 50 at Costco was under $10.

                  2. This very moment, Cost Plus is having a sale on their largest, mixed bag...$6.99 I believe. As others have already mentioned, they also have smaller bags of every color and flavor.