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Dec 5, 2007 08:52 PM

Visiting Falls Church

I'm an LA Chowhound going to visit family in Falls Church, VA for a couple of weeks over the holidays. I would really appreciate suggestions for great places to eat. All types of suggestions and price ranges are welcome from neighborhood dives to high end "foodie" favorites!

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  1. Some of my Falls Church favorites:

    High End- 2941 which is excellent, especially the braised veal which I can't say enough good things about because it was that good.

    Lower end- Old Hickory Grill- not great ambiance, but I like the food for some down home kinda grub.

    Argia's for mid-priced Italian. Not like amazing best meal of life, but very good, and I have had some very good luck with their specials.

    There is the Eden Center which almost every place there is good ethnic eating if you search on here there are probably threads devoted just to it. This area is really known for good Korean/Thai.

    I like Dungarats for Thai but other people have other places they think are "best".

    Celebrity Deli isn't bad for eggs in the morning if you aren't far away, but not worth a long drive.

    Hopefully other people will chime in with more...

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      There are tons of places to eat in FC and the surrounding environs. Here are a few more to consider:

      Punjab Dhaba, a few doors down from Celebrity Deli.

      Two interesting Bolivian spots: Llajtaymanta and Luzmila's.

      Myanmar, for Burmese food.

      Two Thai spots in FC proper: Pilin and Sweet Rice.

      Lebanese Butcher for Middle Eastern delights.

      Granja de Oro for Peruvian cuisine.

      Hong Kong Palace for great Szechuan (despite the name).

      Victor's Grill for an Argentinian pig-out.

      La Cote D'Or for a pricy but very nice authentic French meal.

      Miu Kee for excellent dumplings and other Cantonese dishes.

      You shouldn't go hungry.

      1. re: ktmoomau

        eden center is virtually exclusively vietnamese.....

        1. re: alkapal

          Yes I meant Falls church was also known for good Korean and Thai, not Eden Center. Sorry about that on reading my wording a second time it does sound confusing. Finals time will do that.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            best of luck to you! treat yourself when they're done! where will you go to celebrate? what will you order? what is your fave korean and thai?

            1. re: alkapal

              I actually got done yesterday. I am treating myself with the time to cook at home, which I haven't really had. But also going to celebrate at the Georgetown Club with a black tie Christmas party Friday night that a friend and I are throwing. Then perhaps also Dino (with a friend since I have never been but BF has and HATES IT) and Lebanese Butcher where I will probably get something with garlic sauce. Lots of Celebrations.

              Favorite Thai is Thai Square or Thai Terrace for extra spicy noodles from heaven (I haven't ever ordered anything else that I can think of). I am not good on the best Korean places to go my brother always picked those places.

              So where are you celebrating this holiday season?

              1. re: ktmoomau

                well, sette bello is high on the list, because of a hefty gift certificate. then to oriental gourmet, on harrison, where a friend raved about lobster in black bean sauce! then, burgers at whitlow's? ;-) maybe ray's the steaks for my beef and bernaise fix!

                1. re: alkapal

                  Oh that is a good list. The braised meats normally lamb shank or veal shank at Sette Bello with risotto is normally on the specials menu and is very good fyi.

                  Oh Ray's... it is just too good.

                  1. re: ktmoomau

                    sette only posts specials after 4 pm day of,,, hard to plan ahead....

      2. Some suggestions for the Falls Church area:

        Haandi - Indian

        Sweetwater Tavern - it's a chain but it's mid-range Continental and reliable; just make sure to call ahead b/c they get really crowded

        Bazin's on Church - this is actually in Vienna, but shouldn't be more than 10-15 min away from where you are; it's mid to high-end, but not as high end as 2941, which i also recommend.

        Maestro - this is very high-end, but the tasting menu is a culinary experience you won't soon forget (also not right IN Falls Church, but in the neighboring town of McLean/Tyson's)

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        1. re: hollygolightly

          I guess you haven't heard the news... Maestro has been closed for a while now the chef went to NY and they haven't found an equal calliber replacement.

          Other people have recommended places I forgot liek the Lebanese Butcher which is a def must go on my list.

        2. Thanks for all of the recs so far! These are great! McLean and Tyson are definitely not too far. I know the family often to go to restaurants at Tyson's Corner for convenience. Does anyone have any favorite places there?

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          1. re: DMojoD

            Almost everyone I know from Iran swear by Shamshiry in Tysons. I think they're far better judges of good Persian food than I am.


            Since you're from LA, I wouldn't go to Chinese restaurants in this area because I think you have far more and better restaurants where you are. eg.

            1. re: chowser

              first i've heard of shamshiry -- very exciting!

            2. re: DMojoD

              Definitely Shamshiry. Also Paya Thai, very underrated.

              But in general, you'll do much better for variety and value in Falls Church, Arlington, and Vienna than in McLean and Tysons, which are full of overpriced and overrated restaurants. (Might the higher rents have something to do with that? Perhaps.)

              Another place to look into is Idylwood Grill, in the little plaza behind the Whole Foods on Route 7 just east of Tysons. You can also pick up some great Armenian bread (lavash) in the bakery over there.

            3. Falls Church is Chowhound heaven.
              My favorites:

              Hong Kong Palace, Sichuan menu: twice cooked pork, Chengdu noodles, corn and egg, tiger skin peppers

              Lebanese Butcher: Shwarma, kibbe, fettoush salad, suasage

              Myanmar, one of the best places in the dc area: ginger salad, whole roasted fish ( order this spicy), tomato tofu, mutton curry.

              Punjab Dhaba, half or whole tandoori chicken, outrageous. Dahi vada.

              Victor's Grill: Bolivian, steaks, costillas here are great.

              Original Pancake House, go only for the Dutch Baby or the apple pancakes.

              Old Hickory, cajun egg rolls, fried oysters, stoneground grits

              Eden Center, over 23 Vietnamese restaurants, delis, etc. A phenomenon, go, go, go.


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              1. re: Steve

                i loathe the original pancake house!

                where is old hickory?

                i know people love leb butcher, but it smells like....a butcher's shop!

                1. re: alkapal

                  It is in the Loehman's plaza off 50, by Celebrity Deli.

              2. raaga indian on rte 7 west of columbia pike intersection....tandoori lamb chops, chicken reshmi, spinach dishes...good lunch buffet, too! quality food. reasonable prices.....

                i just remembered, and not too far, mccormick and schmick's at tysons area has goood happy hour food deals...(i thought used to be half price apps.)