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Dec 5, 2007 08:44 PM

Any update on Caffe Calabria's pizza endeavor?

I'm looking for some good news to distract me from the fact that my favorite little cafe just closed. Anybody know the latest?

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  1. Definitely not the latest, but around Thanksgiving they told me the usual litany of license red tape, planning, layout issues and delays. It's going to be great, but not soon. Marukai Market had some shelving and open coolers in place then, too. So, they're making progress...

    1. A couple of months ago, I was there while the owner, an architect and a city inspector went over the remodeling plans. I had a chance to see the blueprints, which called for a second level of seating, moving some walls, and other major changes. The guy from the city wanted to make significant changes to the entire lay-out, from what I overheard, including some expensive smoke-ventilation equipment for the wood-fired oven. I would not expect pizza for sale any time soon.

      Remind me never to start a new restaurant in this city.