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Where to buy a turducken in philly?

greetings Chowhounds, i'lll be back in the philly area for the rest of the holidays and want to treat the folks to a turducken. I recently had my first experience during thanksgiving and want others to have this experience. For those who haven't tried, its a deboned chicken thats stufffed into a deboned duck, and into a deboned turkey, ..save for legs and wings. Between the layers some sort of stuffing. The one i had had a crawfish jambalaya stuffing between the layers :)

Anyways, are there any places to order/buy one in the SJ/Philly area?

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  1. Moro Restaurant in Wilmington, DE served this at Thanksgiving. You might want to consider asking them if they can make one for you.


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      For some reason I can't reply to the original - But D'Angelo's in the Italian Market will make you a turducken. There is actually another butcher that I've used, the one who sells the exotic game - who makes an excellent turducken with delicious stuffing but I can't find his number or remember the name of the shop.

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        A few years ago we bought a turducken from D'Angelo's. Not cheap, but it was good. His stuffing wasn't Cajun, but had some terrific sausage and pistachio nuts IIRC. We overcooked it because we had the thermometer in a bad spot. IMO, everyone should try turducken at least once in their lives.

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          OK then I'm being very silly because the one that was so good had a sausage stuffing, wasn't cajun and had pistachios! So clearly my favorite one WAS from D'Angelos. For some reason I didn't realize that they were the store that also sells game - thanks for the clue Chowhound!

          Their turducken was certainly pricey but so good and frankly the butcher and quality is so much more important when you're talking turducken because you're reliant on them to season your birds and stuffing! The pistachio sausage stuffing was terrific!

      2. Sonny D'Angelo's (9th just below Christian) sells lots of exotic game so maybe you are thinking of him. Esposito's, also in the Italian Market (9th and Carpenter-ish), sells turducken.

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          Is D'Angelos the one that you can see rabbits, pheasants, etc hanging in the window streetside? If i recall..its on the opposite side of the street as George's.

        2. Esposito's definitely has turducken... in two sizes if I remember correctly.

          1. This isn't quite what you asked, but I asked Godshall's at Reading terminal market to sell me all the meat necessary for a turducken and they magically wrapped it all up for me (Appropriately sized and fully deboned chicken, duck, turkey, packaged innards, and sausage for the stuffing). It was only $80 something, for anyone who wants to do some of the work themselves instead of paying for someone to make stuffing.

            1. Carmine's Creole Cafe in Bryn Mawr has it for T-giving. John (the owner/chef) can help you and Well's Meat on Del Ave sells it.

              1. If you are cooking, Esposito's was very good. We bought a small one to try and I wouldn't hesitate to go there again. I will say D"Angelo's sounds yummy and I will definately try theirs too,so thanks.

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                  We cooked D'Angelos last night and it was terrific. Tricky with the temperature though—I pulled it out at 140 and the directions said 155 and it was *almost* overdone.

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                    Can someone give me prices for these various turduckens?

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                      Can someone tell me what and where D'Angelos and Esposito's are?

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                        In the Italian Market. 8th and Christian? Call and ask how each prepares the turducken and the price. Bought mine about four years ago. Not cheap.

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                        We ordered a Turduken from D'Angelo's ( aka The Game Store) in the Italian Market last year. You have to order weeks in advance and it was approx $140 bucks. It was a 20-25lb turkey, with a 10lb duck and a 5lb chicken along with D'Angelo's sausage stuffing in between. It comes with instructions on how to cook it. It only took about 2 hrs or so to cook since there were no bones in any of the meat. The pricing is because it is made FRESH and to order. It was good. Alot of meat! You made need a side of Lipitor.
                        Esposito's only had frozen Turducken's that they had ordered from somewhere and were much much smaller - like the size of a whole chicken. And if you read any review on-line the frozen ones taste pretty awful. D'Angelo's is worth the price if you want something authentic.

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                          Encania, am I right in thinking that this will feed 20 people or so easily?

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                            Oh yeah. It was enough for 20 people. We had about 15 people on thanksgiving and it took another 2-3 days for all of us to finish it.

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                            somehow 'frozen turducken' just doesn't seem right.

                    2. To turn things a little bit: do any restaurants serve turducken or something similar? I am not going to convince my family to cook one of these, but I would really like to try it.

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                        I purchased one at the Fresh Market in Horsham- it was really easy to make, and the family liked it. Sure that the ones from South Philly and Reading Terminal are better, but this was pretty good. Getting another for T-giving.