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Dec 5, 2007 08:18 PM

Late night cafes, chelsea/west village?

Help!! All of my favorite spots are open until midnight at the latest and I am really in need of a late night study place. Anywhere on the lower west side open later than that? Looking for somewhere relatively calm and quiet with good strong coffee. Thanks!

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  1. Nothing? I am going to try French Roast, but have never been there before and am not really sure what it is like in terms of volume, etc..... any other ideas?

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    1. re: Scrubby

      French Roast sucks!! And I am trying to find a bakery opened past 12:30 in the West Village with on luck =(

    2. My friends were always fans of studying at Esperanto on Macdougal. I believe they're open 24-hours.

      1. My fave late -night cafe WAS Cafe Sha Sha on Hudson Street. (Now MarcJacobs-ized into Emplyees Only, a noisy "tini-drinking, young turks crowd.) Pity. Sha Sha stayed open 'til 3 am or later, had decent espresso and desserts. Plus they had a tranquil garden for warm- night lingering. Now all iI can think of on the lower west that even remotely fits the bill is Cafe Domo on Perry St, off 7th Ave S. Total drawback is that they're open only 'til midnight or so.

        Agree that French Roast is pretty dreadful .... but still... they're open round the clock. If you do go, I suggest you become a tea drinker, as their coffee is swill.