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Dec 5, 2007 08:02 PM

Madeleines in Pasadena?


Going to a birthday dinner at Madeleines on Green St. next week. Tried to get a res at Parkway Grill but could only get really early or late, so opted for Madeleines. The reviews I've read seem pretty favorable, anyone have any recent experience? Thanks.

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  1. Was there about 2 months ago (recent enough?) and enjoyed our time there. Had the trout and the Berkshire pork. Both were very good.

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      i went a year is a beautiful space, great wine list and elegant food. IT is very cozy. I loved it

    2. Haven't tried their dinners but we've tried their Sunday brunch which was just lovely. It's a beautiful restaurant on a beautiful street, and their food and service were good, so we do plan on trying their dinner one of these days.