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Dec 5, 2007 07:21 PM

New Brewpub/ Brick Oven Pizzeria Coming to Mt. Airy?!

I was told by a moderately reliable source that the location of the now closed Anglesea's Pub North at 7136 Germantown Ave is going to be converted into a brick oven pizza place and brewpub. Does anybody know anything about this? I think that it would the perfect choice for the area (casual yet particular). You really couldn't match McMenamin's (at the other end of the block) for craft beer selection so a brewpub would seem like a nice alternative choice. And as I mentioned on another post there is no memorable pizza anywhere in the area. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. I heard that Dock Street was originally looking for a spot in Mt Airy, but ultimately chose their West Philly Location. Your source could be referring to that.....

    Sounds great initially, but I think something like a brewpub, if the rumor proves true, would hit McMeniman's hard. Or the new place will have a hard time competing. Not good either way.

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      That Dock Street thing you mention sounds so reasonable in explaining all this. DAMN! I would have loved a brewpub within walking distance AND good pizza. And Dock Street does have a brick oven for pizza. That completely explains the mix up. There is no way that two features of the new place were a coincidence.


      btw: How do you think that some friendly competition from a brewpub hurt would McMenamin's? To me the brewpub and beer bar crowds are different. But McMenamin's IS sort of the only game in town in general so their dinner business may get hurt by it (to my observation brewpubs do attract families and less beer snob and geeks). But again competition from another solid pub menu may improve McMenamin's stagnant menu.

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        I think Dock Street was looking to be a neighborhood anchor which they admirably are, or seem to be in Cedar Park. With McMen's and NXNW, Mt Airy has those established neighborhood institutions that Dock Street was looking to be (as I understand it). But DAMN! is right.....I also live within walking distance.

        You may be right about competition improving what's already there. I love McMen's. Such a friendly comfortable place, great feel, great beer, such an accurate representation of all that makes Mt. Airy a fantastic place to live.....BUT, the food leaves a little to be desired. A little kick in the butt may help.

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          True. The only menu items that I "go" there for are the Fish & Chips and the wings. The rest (and I've had the rest because the menu has changed minimally since I've been going) are merely adequate. Another complant that I have is that the bottle beer selection doesn't seem to rotate. But the new HDTVs are nice and the people are fun and interesting (except on weekend nights).

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            McMen's veggie burgers are quite good.
            Their wine selection leaves something to be desired.

            I'd love to see a brew pub/brick over pizza place in Mt Airy, but I think that it should be someplace just a bit further from McMenamin's.

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              I've never had a problem there on a weekend night.....although I don't stay out as late as I used to.

              That's funny that you mention the fish and chips and wings. That's all I ever get there.

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                I think that their burger is caught in a time warp. If you look at the great burgers that are to be had in center city and other areas closer to downtown it isn't even close. And it comes down to two basic things: bread and meat. Neither of these items are interesting at McMenamin's; and nothing like say Good Dog or Royal.
                And as for the weekend for one thing it's impossible to get a seat sometimes between seven and midnight. And there is something that I find unappealing about the segment of the crowd who during that hour are ordering Miller Lite. I know that it shouldn't bother me but I'm always like "why are you here?"

      2. December 06, 2007 - Former Heavyweight Owners Sign Lease in Mt. Airy

        Tom Baker told The Beer Yard this morning that the brewpub he and wife/[partner Peggy Zwerver promised to open when they shut down Heavyweight Brewing last year will be located on Germantown Avenue in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia and that he hopes to open the doors by the end of March 2008.
        "We have a signed lease and will be moving our equipment into place as soon as possible," Baker said. "We also plan to relocate our residence to the area and hope to become a part of the neighborhood and a destination site for beer lovers."

        The new pub, to be named Earth. Bread & Brewery will feature flatbread and Baker's beers, along with guest craft beers. "We have a full liquor license but won't use that right off the bat. We'll take things slow and get them right."

        Earth, Bread & Brewery will be located at 7136 Germantown Avenue, a few blocks south of McMenamin's Tavern.

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          Awesome. I do hope Mt. Airy and surroundings can support both this and McMenamin's, as I like McMen's, even though I rarely go because my wife's not a beer drinker and doesn't like the food. (I stick pretty exclusively to the fish and chips, which I like.)

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              That sounds too good to be true!! Wow! I'll drink a Heavyweight Perkuno's Hammer to that!

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                Quick question: what kind of cuisine is featured with flatbread? I feel like I'm missing something.
                And I must admit that I don't recall ever having had a single Heavyweight Brewing Company beer. Are they any good? What's been your experience?



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                  Heavyweight specialized in, what else, heavy beers. I don't think they brewed anything under 6% abv. They dabbled in many styles, mostly what would be labled "extreme". Alt, porter, barleywine.....even a gruit (an ale brewed without hops....I think it was flavored with rosemary....not my favorite but they get an A for effort). Their signature brew is Purkuno's Hammer, a porter. Excellent beer. Quality, well respected brews/brewery. A welcome addition to Mt Airy....if it turns out to be more than a rumor, of course.

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                    But, yeah, what does it mean to "feature flatbread"? Surely, they're serving more than bread, right?

                    1. re: macdonwald

                      I would guess "flatbread" is another way of saying "pizza".

                2. I recall being at McMenamin's right around the time that Anglesea's Pub North was opening up the street. The owner asked me "are you gonna go there?" I told him,
                  "I might check it out, but it can't be as good as here".
                  If he was nervous about that place how will he react to this more ambitious neighbor?

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                    This is great news. The Anglesea property needs something. A brew pub is great. Also, in my opinion McMens is not only the best business in Mt. Airy but one of the best bars in the city. I also think the food is great all around and the beer is always great and clean. The new pub in my opinion can only help business overall - making Mt. Airy more of a destination.

                    Great Great news.

                    1. re: Chinon00

                      This is a direct quote from Tom Baker, the prospective new owner, from the MidAtlantic forum on beeradvocate.com:

                      Hey Folks. Well, it is indeed time for me to get off my ass and start making some beer again. Who would have though that, during this interval, talk of Gruit ales would be so topical. Hop futures, anyone?

                      We have found a great space in a wonderful neighborhood in a town that's rich in culture and social wealth. I greatly respect McMenamin's and I hope that PJ looks at our project as an asset to him and an addition to the good beer/food they offer. McMenamin's is a quintessential neighborhood pub and that will not change when we open. Aside from good beer, Earth Bread + Brewery will do it's best to compliment not compete with neighborhood businesses. For example, we won't have any TVs - so I'll probably be at the bar in McMenamin's to watch the Series.

                      We will offer four primary things at Earth: great flatbreads, intriguing wines, the best beers you never had, and a comfortable space to enjoy the company of others. BTW, for those of you that don't know, our company name represents our focus on creating and running a sustainable, green-built restaurant.

                      I hope to get our website up soon so you can follow our progress and learn more about our plans and passions. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. BTW, in case you haven't heard, Heavyweight is dead - just call us the Earth folks.

                      Tom Baker

                      Hopefully I didn't break any web forum protocols by doing that......just thought you'd all be interested.

                      1. re: G Goo

                        With all this "green" talk I sure hope that the place isn't vegetarian.

                        1. re: G Goo

                          G Goo-
                          Thanks for the update-the quote says that he is going to be making beer "again." Does anyone know where he was before?

                          1. re: JCap

                            He was owner/brewer at Heavyweight Brewing Company. They were a small batch, craft brewery with an edge....they liked to do experimental type stuff, and were very successful. They produced some seriously great beers; big-time beer-geek brews and I expect the same at the new joint. Their following borders on cultish. In the best beer city on the East Coast (and its not even close) Mt Airy is about to become beer geek heaven.

                            1. re: G Goo

                              I'll definitely be making it down! Thanks again!

                                1. re: Chinon00

                                  I don't believe so, they were known for big beers. I can't wait to drink Lunacy again.