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Dec 5, 2007 07:14 PM

All Clad Factory Sale

For anyone who has been to the All Clad Factory Sale..... Is it worth it to drive from NJ to the sale??
Also, are the items sold in sets or as individual pieces only?

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    1. re: Shayna Madel

      The sales are held at the Washington county fairground, and yes they sell individual pieces.

      "Cookware and More" also sells All-Clad irregulars, with a full warranty.

      1. re: Kelli2006

        when is the next sale? and what time does it start?

        1. re: jmacdona2

          It's today and tomorrow, Dec. 7th and 8th, and I think it starts at 9AM.

          My question is, does anyone think it's worthwhile to go the second day, or does most of the stuff go the first day? Curious because I'm driving from NYS to Chicago tomorrow and am wondering whether it's worth the extra 3 hours of driving to dip down to Pittsburgh. TY.

          1. re: optimal forager

            I went on the second day the only time I went, and there was a great selection. It seems that they hold back enough fora great selection on both days.

            I would recommend that you get there early, as there is always a line. If I wasn't busy at work and the weather was better, I would make the 2 hour drive from the Akron/Canton area where I live.

            1. re: Kelli2006

              Thanks so much. I'm gonna go for it, then.

                1. re: Linda513

                  Ooh, I did and am so happy. I did something a little weird: I've been looking for a good everyday-type pan, bigger than my 10-inch cast iron skillet, high sides, with a lid, and that could go right in the oven. So I bought a 13-inch braiser. I love this thing. It's beautiful, for one thing. I've used it twice now, for a chicken dish that browns the chicken, then vegetables on the stove, then goes in the oven, and for a beef-quinoa picadillo dish. It's a perfect size and shape, and it conducts heat so well and so evenly. I don't have any other All-Clad and never imagined the difference would be so noticeable.

                  I only bought the one piece (I'm a grad student low on funds), which was 50% off and in terrific shape, but now I want to go back and blow a whole lot more money on saute pans and sauciers. I HAVE to come up with a reason to be going through Pennsylvania next June...

                  Did anyone else score big?

                    1. re: optimal forager

                      Good for you - that sounds like a great pan. I have something like that in nonstick circulon that I'm dying to replace - its one of my most used pans. I'm not a grad student but the all-clad prices are still pretty steep. 50% off makes it doable.

        2. re: Shayna Madel

          Does anyone out there have a weblink? How often are the sales? Thanks!

          1. re: shelbyeileen

            You know, when I was trying to confirm what I had heard mentioned here and other places about the time and place of this past sale, I had a hard time. I found mentions of previous sales at the Pittsburgh paper's (Post-Gazette?) website, but not this one. And I didn't find it on All-Clad's website. I finally ended up calling the Washington County Fairgrounds, and, because I was going the second day and the sale had already started, got a tired voice saying, "Yeah, this is where the All-Clad sale is." I looked later at the fairground's website, and the sale wasn't listed on their calendar of events. I got the definite feeling that they get plenty of people and don't want to advertise further.

            And the sales are supposed to be every 6 months, in June and December,

            1. re: optimal forager

              The sale is usually the first weekend of December and June. I went to U-Pitt and buying a new pan(or 2) at the All-Clad sale was my personal reward for great grades.

              My MC-2 pieces are 15-20 years old and still look and cook perfectly.

            2. re: allabbadoev

              I think link above might be spam??? but it made me investigate the dates of this sale:

              The 2011 summer sale is Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th. Hours are Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

              Anyone from the DC area going??

          2. Alright, sorry it took so long ot respond, but yes I did make the trip. It is totally worth it if you need a bunch of pots. If you are only buying one or two, I say it is too far of a drive. I did get some great deals. On the first day, there were copper core pots for 70% off. I got several of them. They do keep a continual supply of pots coming out on both days, but some of the really geat deals such as those copper core pots at 70% off do not last as they are in limited supply and usually a discontinued line. Basically, stuff is between 40% and 70% off depending on how bad it is damaged and honestly, most of the damage is not too bad. You must inspect the pots before you buy them and make sure you can live with whatever defect is on that particular pot. Some of the ones I got for 70% off had some pretty deep scratches on the bottom of the pot, but nothing too bad considering the price. I would have loved one of the large chafing dishes or coffee urns, but even at the discounted price they were $381 and I just could not justify it, but they were a beautiful product. I love using the pots and food does cook great in them. I like that they can go from the stove to the oven. I just hope All-Clad continues to make a great American product and even though they are expensive, they are a good quality product and I am glad my money is going to fellow Americans.

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            1. re: softaildeuce

              "I just hope All-Clad continues to make a great American product and even though they are expensive, they are a good quality product and I am glad my money is going to fellow Americans."

              I thought it was really interesting and cheering to drive into a fairly rural part of Pennsylvania, part of the Rust Belt, and know that there were still skilled manufacturing jobs there. Very different than the area of upstate NY I was driving from.

              1. re: optimal forager

                Fascinating thread that I just found. I drove from the D. C. area to the All Clad factory in Canonsburg about eleven or twelve years ago when the sale was still held there. The line stretched to over 200 people or more when they opened with a Pittsburgh television station interviewing people standing line. Several, remarkably, had chefs coats on. But the sale was incredible-at the time. I bought several thousand dollars worth of cookware for myself and for our neighbors, all at much more than 70% off. I should also note that I drove through standing snow to do this! Today, I still cook with all of the pieces and feel indebted to All Clad for having had a sale like this. I'm tempted to return to the current sale to buy several individual pieces but haven't done this as yet. For anyone reading this, if you are considering buying what I would call foundational cookware-and a lot of it-you should go. That day I bought pots and pans that our grandchildren will use. Today, for an individual piece it will be different. But for a kitchen collection that may last a lifetime it is (as for me) worth driving through snow to get there!