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Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach - Any Good?

I'm going down to Redondo Beach for the first time over the holidays, and I'm thinking about taking the opportunity to visit the Original Pancake House down there. My interest was piqued after Jonathan Gold's review a few years ago, but I've learned the hard way his reviews can lead one to places not really deserving of such high praise. I dug up what few old reviews of the Original Pancake House, and some people don't seem particularly wild about the Redondo location. (I see the Anaheim one gets raves, though.) I'd like some fresher opinions if anyone has them.

Also, how is Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Manhattan Beach, a recommendation of a coworker? I admit I'm about as familiar with the Beach Cities as I am with Mombasa or Pago Pago...

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  1. I like the Redondo Beach OPH, much better than Uncle Bill's. Pancakes and omelettes are good. The Dutch apple pancake, the one served with lemon, and the blueberry are my favorites, if I'm not having eggs. Last time I was there, my friend had the corned beef hash and enjoyed it. They don't skimp on quality or portions. My only gripe is that even though they have their own signature blend, the coffee isn't extraordinary.

    1. Woolsey -- We were there about a year ago, and it is a fun breakfast experience! The portions are H U G E, especially the pan versions. The menu is second best to walking around and looking at what others have ordered; then make your decision.

      1. Uncle Bill's is worth checking out. Their signature dish is a waffle with cheddar and bacon added to the batter and crisped in the waffle iron -- tasty and fun. Good diner at the beach vibe.

        1. Agree that the dutch apple pancake at the original pancake house is very good. And ridiculously huge. We haven't ordered anything else, so I can't comment on other menu items. Uncle Bill's has a nice atmosphere since it is right by the beach and has outdoor seating, but the pancakes are nothing special. Not any better or worse than any other place you've been.

          1. I WISH I could go. They use peanut oil on the griddle, and I'm allergic. :(

            1. Very good, and very busy on weekends. I find the food is top notch when they are slammed, ironically... The 49ers are three hub-cap sized pancakes, crepe-thin and with the consistency of injera (in my opinion), with crispy edges and soft-chewy swaths of surface area perfectly suited to absorb warmed maple syrup. Though thin, they're filling, and go well with their good quality bacon or sausage links... Woolsey, I've noticed (from your reviews) that you are markedly more picky/discerning regarding basic food categories than I am, so you may not like the 49ers (as pancakes go) at all. But if you don't like 'em, you'd be the first I'd heard of !

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                I'm signing on for the Dutch baby, actually. The 49ers actually sound a bit like Musso and Frank's flannelcakes from your description. I liked the Musso's rendition's texture, though I thought they were also rather bland. (Then again, that's sort of the story with everything at Musso's.)

                My Dad is the pancake fanatic in my family, and if you think I'm picky, you should meet my mom. I'm having to submit menus for approval for all the proposed restaurants they'll visit this time around. She blew a gasket just over the photograph of the two cats on the stove on The Hungry Cat's website - "That's just disgusting! Why would I want to go there?!"

              2. If it's anything like the one in Anaheim, you should go. That apple pancake is a monster. For pics...


                  1. if you decide to go to uncle bill's, ask them to describe their potato stroganoff and then decide if you want to order it.......it's chopped/mashed potatoes with bacon and sour cream or something else.....just very good is my description...... so ask the waiter.....

                    1. I like both places for different reasons. At Uncle Bill's I expect to find a variety of good breakfast dishes, huge portions, and very friendly service. Very crowded/long waits on the weekend.

                      At "OHOP", as my wife calls it, bigger room, not much ambience, also likely to be crowded. They have more specialty breakfasts that I really like, including German pancakes (forget what they're called) served with butter, fresh lemon juice, powdered sugar. Yum.

                      OHOP also offers basted eggs, which my mom used to make -- a little different from over easy or sunny side up.

                      Gee, I wonder if they're open yet?

                      1. Both are yummy - just depends on what you want. OHOP (I love that name), is the best for the Apple Baby. The sourdough pancakes were pretty good and the bacon is always perfectly crisp and crunchy. The service is always friendly and efficient.

                        Uncle Bill's bacon and cheese waffle is worth the spike in your cholesterol. Parking can be a drag on the weekends.