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Dec 5, 2007 06:58 PM

Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach - Any Good?

I'm going down to Redondo Beach for the first time over the holidays, and I'm thinking about taking the opportunity to visit the Original Pancake House down there. My interest was piqued after Jonathan Gold's review a few years ago, but I've learned the hard way his reviews can lead one to places not really deserving of such high praise. I dug up what few old reviews of the Original Pancake House, and some people don't seem particularly wild about the Redondo location. (I see the Anaheim one gets raves, though.) I'd like some fresher opinions if anyone has them.

Also, how is Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Manhattan Beach, a recommendation of a coworker? I admit I'm about as familiar with the Beach Cities as I am with Mombasa or Pago Pago...

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  1. I like the Redondo Beach OPH, much better than Uncle Bill's. Pancakes and omelettes are good. The Dutch apple pancake, the one served with lemon, and the blueberry are my favorites, if I'm not having eggs. Last time I was there, my friend had the corned beef hash and enjoyed it. They don't skimp on quality or portions. My only gripe is that even though they have their own signature blend, the coffee isn't extraordinary.

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      1. Woolsey -- We were there about a year ago, and it is a fun breakfast experience! The portions are H U G E, especially the pan versions. The menu is second best to walking around and looking at what others have ordered; then make your decision.

        1. Uncle Bill's is worth checking out. Their signature dish is a waffle with cheddar and bacon added to the batter and crisped in the waffle iron -- tasty and fun. Good diner at the beach vibe.

          1. Agree that the dutch apple pancake at the original pancake house is very good. And ridiculously huge. We haven't ordered anything else, so I can't comment on other menu items. Uncle Bill's has a nice atmosphere since it is right by the beach and has outdoor seating, but the pancakes are nothing special. Not any better or worse than any other place you've been.