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Dec 5, 2007 06:42 PM

Need brunch recommendation for foodie in North Shore

I'm a NY'er looking for a very good upscale restaurant to take my "foodie" sister for a 50th B'day brunch this sunday in the North Shore of Boston. We could go to Boston but she works there and would prefer someplace closer to her home in HAmilton/Beverly. Already eliminated three top restaurants in Gloucester that don't serve brunch. Thank you.

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  1. Nathaniel's at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem has a Sunday Jazz Brunch which is pretty good, and has a nice setting.

    Also in Salem, The Lyceum Bar & Grill has a Sunday Brunch.

    I've never been, but the GF tells me Capt's Waterfront Grill, in Salem has an excellent Sunday Brunch menu. I must have been golfing that morning.

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      Michael Timothy's Jazz brunch in Nashua, small but very high quality, Old Salt in Hampton, NH, what a deal, all the goodies for short $.

      1. re: treb

        I've heard Michael Timothy's is excellent but have never the brunch at Old Salt in Hampton.