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razor clam recipes

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I have some in the freezer, a gift from my outdoorsy brother ... any thoughts, other than the traditional bread 'em & fry 'em?

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  1. Stuff 'em! (If you still have the shells) Nothing fancy is needed for the stuffing...just saute some Ritz cracker crumbs in butter with some minced garlic and a splash of white wine and chopped iItalian parsley. Delicious.... and just like my great grandmother used to make by the bucket. Stick 'em under a preheated broiler for about 10 minutes.

    1. On 'The Next Iron Chef' one of the contestants (Cosentino) presented razor clams on the half shell with 'shaving cream' - a high-tech foam made from a Venetian style sweet-sour sauce (saor).


      1. Oliveoyl, I see you're from Seattle, so you're talking about Pacific razor clams, aren't you. CapeCodGuy is probably referring to the Atlantic razor clam, which is quite a different species and not interchangeable, recipe-wise.

        For our West Coast clams, my mom's alternate ways of cooking them included batter-fried (my favorite) and clam patties.