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Dec 5, 2007 05:58 PM

Sunset Park Mexican -- great chow and/but nice decor

Last week, my husband and I started our search for great Mexican restaurants in Sunset Park. We tried to go to El Palenque, recommended on this board, but found it shuttered. Then, a friend recommended Eclipse, on 4th Ave b/w 43th-44th. We tried it tonight. First, we looked through the window, and almost didn't go in. It was too nice! We were looking for a hole-in-the-wall that would serve authentic cuisine. But, it was freezing out so we decided to give it a go. Good move! The food was authentic, if a bit updated, delicious and reasonably priced.

I ordered Sopa de Mariscos (Mexican Seafood Soup) and it was excellent. Rich broth, boldly spiced (I was asked if I wanted it spicy), and beautifully cooked shrimp, calamari, mussels and striped bass. Very fresh and tender. A far cry from the rubbery and overcooked seafood I often find at inexpensive restaurants. My husband had the Caldo Tlalpe├▒o (Chipotle chicken soup with vegetables), it was great. He also got the huarache (homemade corn tortilla) with suadero (fatty beef). Oh, and we started with the Chicharron salad -- big chunks of fried pork skin over chopped fresh romaine, radishes, avocado, pickled jalapenos. I know romaine is less than authentic, but I find the chunks of 5-day old iceberg lettuce one gets elsewhere dispiriting.

We live in Boerum Hill and it was a 10-minute drive. There is an N and R stop at 45th and 4th Ave, one block away. The owner of the restaurant was lovely. When we mentioned we came from out of the neighborhood, she treated us to a free dessert!

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  1. Really glad to hear Eclipse is still going strong. When I lived in Sunset Park (up until a year ago), I used to get food from there all the time, and it was consistently very good. The owner is super-nice and it's a great place to eat in or get delivered -- I've raved before on this board about their breakfast sandwiches in particular. Until I can find a better egg sandwich (theirs comes with avocado, beans, bacon, and on and on), I'll always have a reason to visit the old 'hood.