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Dec 5, 2007 05:55 PM

Good butcher in PS/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens?

I need recommendations for a butcher in the Park Slope/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area where I can order a leg of lamb for Christmas Eve. TIA

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  1. Staubitz on Court Street; Los Paisanos on Smith Street - both in Cobble Hills. You can also go to AS Pork Store and Great Western, both in Park Slope on Fifth Avenue.

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    1. re: mike1213

      Also could try ESPOSITOS Pork Store on Court...

      1. re: Mr. Particular

        Espositos is really cool. They make their own salami. Everything is really good there. I've never had lamb there but I'm sure you can order it.

        1. re: KateC.

          no lamb to be had at Espositios. I've asked. With all their pork, who needs lamb?

        2. re: Mr. Particular

          P.S. Espositos is in Carroll Gardens on Court between Carroll and President. About a block from the subway. Also, three blocks over is the amazing Italian bakery (forget the name) with the great half whole wheat half white baguettes. (Ignore the cookies, it's all about the bread.) It's on the corner of Henry and Union. You can also get homemade mozzerella (though perhaps not bufalo; I'm not sure) in practically any corner deli in the neighborhood. It's usually unlabelled and comes in little plastic containers in water. If, you know, you were wanting some traditional Christmas Eve mozzerella...

          1. re: KateC.

            Fantastic info. Thank you all and very happy holidays.

      2. I have gotten really good leg of lamb at the halal butcher on the corner of 4th and Atlantic right next to the Dunkin Donuts. I am not positive of name of store (I think it is called croissant), but there is a big yellow awning with the word FOOD written on it. Always very helpful and the lamb is always great.

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          Thanks, salmonskin. That might end up being the most affordable option : )

        2. Once Great Western on 5th Avenue actually let me go there with my stuffing and let me stuff my leg of lamb and taught me how to tie it up. They were wonderful.

          1. forget about staubitz - it's fine, sure, but also overpriced and full of wannabe foodies who buy into the atmosphere that staubitz tries to create - Los Paisanos on Smith and Wyckoff is far better, cheaper, and frendlier. They will order anything they don't have. I have been going to them for five or six years now, and I will never go back to staubitz.

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            1. re: spiffae

              Hmm I don't think I'd go that far about it. But I do also prefer Los Paisanos. And 90% of the time that's where I go.

              I find the LP butchers to be more helpful with requests, and they remember how you like your meat trimmed (i.e. I love taking the very center of the full pig's pork loin and leaving it bone in for flavor, but they always saw and tie it for me so the bone just falls away when it's done/untied, making for ease of carving for a dinner party).

              They're also open sundays at LP, which is when I typically end up doing some meat shopping. I've never found the prices to be particularly bad at Staubitz though. And I like the organic chickens they get from Canada.

              1. re: Nehna

                Just roasted one of those Staubitz chickens on Sunday with my favorite recipe--it was excellent. I think we are lucky to have 2 good butchers in Staubitz and Los Paisanos. Staubitz does have a bit more 'attitude' and unhelpful hours of operation, so if I had to choose one it would be LP. Still, I believe they are probably somewhat comparable in quality, although they might have different strengths. I am curious: how do the steaks compare?

                1. re: Mr. Particular

                  I've always purchased my beef at LP, esp since they have a nice selection of aged meats. And it's always been excellent quality. I don't remember ever getting beef at Staubitz for comparison.

                  I've had good luck, by the way, with duck legs and breasts from Staubitz.

            2. Los Paisanos on Smith is a superior butcher. I live in Park Slope and go to them for all of my specialty cuts. Strongly recommended