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Sunday evening recs in the French Quarter

I'll be on holiday next week in N.O. and Sunday evening I'd like to eat in French Quarter. My companions and I want to attend the Christmas Caroling in Jackson Square and afterward eat someplace nice but not too expensive. Any recommendations? And does anyone know how long the caroling lasts? Thanks!

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  1. One of my friends e-mailed me and said she read about Zydecue or Crescent City Brewhouse. I haven't heard of any good BBQ places, so I don't know if Zydecue would be decent, and I don't know if Crescent City Brewhouse is a.) overpriced b.) mediocre. Any opinions?

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      i would strongly urge you not to go to zydecue. first, it's not even zydecue anymore. it's called dixie roadhouse or something like that, and it's not very good. zydecue was good. dixie roadhouse is not. crescent city brewhouse is okay. i find they have a few good appetizers--the baked oysters stand out in my memory--and their beers are good, but i usally pass on crescent city brewhouse. i'm going to suggest olivier's. i was there recently. the food was outstanding and they're kind of hurting for business. the people are so nice. it's a family run place and members of the family are always around. i had the shrimp scampi, which was very good. the only thing is price. i don't know what you mean by "not too expensive". all entrees are under $20 but not by much. anyway, you can check out the menu online:


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        Thanks, Shiloh. I'm disappointed about Zydecue! I love good barbeque. Olivier's looks lovely, but a little steep for us- we have reservations at a few expensive places- Brigsten's, for example- and we'd like to keep a few meals under $25 pp.

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          fair enough. i was disappointed about zydecue, too. i loved their smoky gumbo that they served with a scoop of potato salad. their ribs were great, too, and i'm snob when it comes to ribs. the new place is very run-of-the-mill. or worse. it's a shame.

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              good to very good. one of the best new orleans has to offer, in my opinion.

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                Awesome. Any particular favorite from the menu?

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                  The ribs at the Joint are good. The chopped pork bbq is a little salty for my taste but good. The mac and cheese is their best side, but their sides aren't anything to write home about.

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                    agreed on the ribs. i like the pork. don't remember it being particularly salty, but i am a bit of a salt fiend, so i think my threshold may be higher than others'. the brisket is pretty good, too. served in thin slices, not chopped like so many others do.

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            Zydecue had good "cochon de lait," though not actually suckling pig (it was shoulder) it was still good. Then it became to "Zydeco BBQ," Never been since. A little walk a few blocks the other side of Canal will yield "Luke" which, foodwise, you will not be disappointed. http://www.lukeneworleans.com/menus/d...

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              What did you think of the service at Luke? I was really interested in eating there, but from past entries here at Chowhound criticizing the poor service I shied away.

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                I thought the food at L√ľke was outstanding (especially for the price) but I thought the service was underwhelming at best.

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                  Food: great. Service: a bit slow and not "together." Service probs won't keep me going back for the food, however. It was that good.

          2. How about Mona Lisa (1212 Royal)? They are open on Sundays. Have fun caroling!

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              Monan Lisa definately sounds like it fits the bill. What do you like to get when you eat at Monan Lisa?

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                The pizza, lasagna, salads & tiramisu are our favorites at Mona Lisa. The atmosphere is warm/cozy & the owners & staff are very friendly. And, wherever you sit Mona Lisa is watching! Enjoy!

            2. To add to this thread: I am going to be in New Orleans for 1 night only, Sunday December 16. A group and I were going to go to Olivier's, but its closed that week. Any suggestions for Creole/Cajun/local that is open on Sunday??