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Dec 5, 2007 05:13 PM

Need GOOD restaurant rec. for Carson City area...

The siblings are all flying in to take Mom out to dinner for her 70's birthday (she lives in Carson). I grew up in Carson and know about Adeles. I browsed their website and found them to be pretty overpriced. Is it really that worth it? I'm wondering if there is a better choice? Perhaps the Pink House in Genoa (ambience? Menu? Prices?) or DW's at Walleys Hot Springs? I can't seem to find much info. on these places. We'd just like a nice place that is NOT kid friendly, and a great menu. Any recommendations would be appreciated :)

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  1. Z Bistro is nice and serves dinner on Friday and Saturday.
    I like Garibaldi's in downtown Carson City for Italian food.
    Tough to go wrong with Adele's in terms of quality, though.

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      It's tough to tell from the Z website if this is a nice place. Does it have ambience? I'd hate for Mom to think that we took her to an "ok" restaurant for her big day. The menu looks good, but I'm just wondering about the atmosphere of the restaurant itself. Thanks...

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        I really enjoy the food at Z Bistro, but it is pretty plain in terms of atmosphere. If that's important to you then you might not want to chose it. Also when we had dinner there last it was pretty noisy and crowded if that matters to you (its a small place, and popular...).

        Is the Pink House still open? I haven't been there for years....David Walley's might be a good choice in terms of atmosphere....but I think I would chose Adele's instead.

        There are some nice places in South Reno...have you considered making the drive there? Ciao might be one.....or La Vecchia for Italian. Steve had a recent very positive post.

    2. In Gardnerville, there's JT Basque restaurant -- would be a fun place with solid food, although maybe too casual for what you have in mind.

      1. Ti Amo at the Fandango is nice. It looks better inside then on the outside being that it is a casino. Z Bistro may be too casual for what you have in mind, although the food is not. But a mom might want ambiance if she is not a foodie. DW's is nice , food is good and has ambiance.

        1. JT's has an hour wait normally for dinner and that could easily stretch to 90 minutes in the holidays. They don't take reservations. Even John Ascuaga has to wait an hour for a table. Maybe it could be a change to get your mom drunk on picon punches.

          1. Glenn Eagles (North Carson) upsacle casual
            Antoci's Supper Club (Genoa Lakes golf course) nice Italian
            La Ferm (Genoa) upscale French
            Girabaldi's (downtown Carson) nice Italian
            Ingocnito (Genoa) quiet casual, often game on the menu
            DW's is nice you sem to know
            Agree with everyone else that Adele's is in a league of it's own in the area. Let me know what you're after and I'd love to help you narrow your choices! Good luck :)

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              Well, I guess I'll choose Adele's after all. I know that Mom hasn't been there in years, and she would probably be happy to go back. I never went there when I lived there, but then again I left 22 years ago! I think we may try to hit Z bistro or Villa Basque Deli for lunch while we're there. It's nice to see that there are a few decent places to eat now as I always have thought you had to leave the city to get anything other than a lousy chain. Thanks for the suggestions ALL!