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Mini cheesecakes

I am throwing a baby shower and want to have a lot of mini desserts including cheesecakes. does anyone have any idea where I can get some really good ones from?Any suggestions will be greatly appreciaed!!!

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  1. http://www.chunkomunko.com/aboutus1.htm

    Chunko munko cheesecakes. Available online or at various local farmer's markets.

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      These look great! What are you favorite flavors? And do you have to buy a pack of 16 at the farmer's market as is online, or can you buy them individually?

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        you can get one piece at a time, 4pc pack, or a 16pc box at a time at the farmer's markets. i know they're still at the alhambra and monrovia farmer's markets. they left westwood and i'm not sure where else they are right now.

    2. these are not cheesecakes, but they are damn good!


        1. vitor benes' urth caffe

            1. i wanted to try chunkomunko, but the day i sought them out at the westwood farmers market they were out of the crustless ones [no gluten for me!] so sadly i can't give you a first-hand rec, but i was searching for them based on the glowing ch reviews i had read, so that's probably a good way to go.

              alternatively, i always liked the idea of those "cheesecake pops" - little cheesecake balls on sticks, coated in various flavors/toppings...


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                i was at the westwood farmer's market yesterday and i heard that they're not going to be there anymore. :-( now i have to drive all the way to alhambra to get them --- so worth it, especially for the holidays! i went online and i want to try the eggnog ones! does anyone else know where they are? (besides online)...

              2. Mrs. Beasly's Cookies/Mrs Grace Lemon Cake Co. do mini cheesecakes. My father likes them

                  1. susiecakes in Brentwood has mini cheesecakes and cute/yummy cupcakes. I havent tried the cheesecakes but everything else there is really good.

                    1. Now after looking at chunkmunko, I think you should definitely do those. They look AMAZING!