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Dec 5, 2007 04:49 PM

What to do with my WIERD fillet?

This is odd. Friend bought a whole PSMO fillet in the cryo. Thing is, it is awful flat. Kind of scrawny, too. Usually, you separate the chine, and then the nice large muscle up top, and you have your fillet, ready for slicing into steaks (or whole roasting). This poor cow somehow got squashed, so that the fillet is not a tube, but flattened out. Anyway, I cut some nice steaks and tied them. Came out fine. But now I have a bunch of good meat, in not so good shape. Want to do something besides traditional steaks. Ideas? Like cut down into strips for fajitas? Other thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. the restaurant where I work sometimes does a lunch special sandwich with the "ugly bits" of prime rib left from the previous night's dinner. They make it for the back house cooks. Known as the Fonseca Speciale.

    It is sourdough bread, toasted, with strips of prime rib (sub filet) grilled quickly on the flattop, then smothered with caramelized onions, a tomato slice and served open face on the bread topped with melted jack or swiss cheese. Wow, it's good. Very beefy flavor.

    1. Sounds like your tenderloin got smashed under some heavy meat. Won't hurt it. One of the classic uses of tenderloin bits is beef stroganoff. Just barely cook the bits, and don't simmer too long.

      1. Breaded country fried steak with gravy and biscuits, steak sandwiches, your fajita idea, burritos, stir fry with some veg, tons of stuff you could still do with it. Or like OldTimer said, grind it. You can do a lot with ground prime.