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Dec 5, 2007 04:18 PM

Spirits for cooking.

Hopefully this won't get moved to the Spirits board... I am going to re-vamp my "pantry liquor cabinet". Can I get some recommendations for the following spirits? (as well as anything I've missed). I have a pretty good bar but I don't think I need to use "the good stuff" all the time to cook with.

Orange Liqueur
anything else????


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  1. My husband and I disagree on this, but I never use the good stuff to cook with (except wine - I just use the stuff I'm drinking that I can drink it whilst cooking with it). But, we have a small kitchen, so we don't keep that much cooking liquor around.
    The following is what we use:

    - Vermouth for a lot of stuff - Dry for poultry sauces, and it's awesome in gravy. Sweet with pork and beef sauces, but really only because I keep it around for Manhattans (see bourbon below).
    - Madeira/Marsala for all of our tomato sauce needs. I find them to be somewhat interchangeable, and we just use the stuff we buy from the store, nothing special.
    - Bourbon for desserts and beef sauces. We tend to use Maker's Mark because I drink it too, but I'd probably buy Jim Beam if I'm just cooking with it. I would be incredibly mad if someone used my Basil Hayden to cook with.
    - Vodka to use in tomato dishes where we don't want other flavorings. Again, quality doesn't matter.
    - Dark rum for use in baking, ice cream, and glazes.
    - Limoncello/Crema di Lemoncello for aperitifs and baking desires.

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    1. Cognac - Hardy's Red Corner
      Vermouth - Gallo
      Sherry - hmm...
      Rum - Cruzan
      Bourbon - Beam, Turkey
      Vodka - Iceberg
      Orange Liqueur - Marie Brizzard triple sec

      Those are very acceptable brands you can drink as well.