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Dec 5, 2007 04:17 PM

what's going on with Maru in Clinton, CT?

Just drove by and there's a sign up that reads "Happy Jack's." Is this the end of good sushi on the shoreline?

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  1. I do enjoy their sushi. But that building is cursed. Not to mention it needs some serious tlc. Even taste of china upgraded their building. I'll miss their spider roll

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      I have to agree that the location is cursed and has been for years. Though I've seen positive reviews for Maru on this and other sites, I've never seen any cars in their parking lot when I have passed by and therefore wouldn't really even have considered going in based on that alone.

    2. No-- not again! I love Maru. So very sad.

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      1. re: madisoneats

        I guess it was a matter of time...when they stopped doing basic landscaping outside, I should have started counting the days. Too bad - despite the decor, we always had great sushi there.

      2. Update-- drove by yesterday pm and it is now another "Asian" place featuring hibachi and sushi. Hmmm-- maybe the sushi chef stayed on??? It was lit up like a Xmas tree.

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          Yes, I saw this too - let's hope it's the same sushi chef. I remembered that Happy Jack's was a long-ago occupant in that building - probably an old sign.

          1. re: sc2ct

            Haha I just saw it too, they must use the Happy Jack's sign as a placeholder while the restaurant is changing over. I just got back from California and was really unhappy to see that Maru was gone. I wonder how the Hungry Lion was the only restaurant to occupy that building for an extended period of time; their food wasn't so great.

            1. re: Boydyob

              Well, I can report back on this one--
              They have essentially reopened as "Maru Lite" lol- the new name escapes me but here are the changes:
              Sushi menu is essentially the same
              They have added a hibachi option-- probably to compete with Hanami
              They have added some Chinese dishes-- not as good as Taste of China, but some basics Zhang's style.

              All in all, still a solid sushi choice, and hopefully they did a smart thing by attempting a wider appeal-- my 6 year old was thrilled about the hibachi!