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Dec 5, 2007 03:52 PM

Lobster in Reno

Greetings Hounds,

We will be in Reno for my wife's birthday and she needs lobster. Not a so-called lobster tail, but a big whole lobster, 2 lb or more with claws, that is alive when we order it and dead when we eat it. That said, she is open to various types of restaurants (chinese, american, or other) and appreciates the non-obvious, and it doesn't necessarily need to be a fancy place.

Suggestions? What else can they serve me and how is that? e.g. if it is a steak restaurant, how are the steaks? Menus and prices? (I'm expecting to spend big money but I still appreciate value.) It will be the Saturday night before Christmas.

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  1. I'd suggest you give Rapscallion a call and see if they have live lobster. Probably your best bet. There was a thread recently where two Chowhounders lamented the lack of good seafood and fish options in Reno.

    1. I had a pretty darn good steak and lobster at the Cal Neva on Lake Tahoe's east shore (about 40 minutes from downtown Reno). Restaurant itself is kind of tired. It has an amazing view of the lake, tho, but it will probably be dark while you're there! For what it's worth, we have friends whose parents are from Maine, and they always want to do the Boomtown lobster buffet while they're here - go figure. I've never been, but some other 'hounds may have input.

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        Boomtown lobster buffet - stay away, the lobster is like rubber. Sorry. Don't know of any suggestions for lobster in this area.

      2. I'd be inclined to check the menus at the Peppermill's White Orchid (warning - expensive), Steak House (great steak last night - not sure if they usually have fresh lobster), or Oceano (specialize in seafood and sushi). I might also check with Palais de Jade or Peony (Chinese).

        We love lobster, but pretty much only have it in New England when we visit our daughter. Haven't really looked for it in Reno, but these would be good places to check, and all should do a good job of preparation.