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Need Wedding Cake: Austin, Texas, HELp!

Hey I live in California and trying to plan a wedding in Austin, Texas, I have a food caterer but I need a cake, a tasty NOT expensive cake! Please if anyone can give me some bakers in Austin that would ever so helpful!!

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  1. All in one cakes does an amazing job and are quite affordable. Huge bride's cake and a large groom's for about $400

    1. I'm not sure about the prices from these two bakers:
      1. Nancy made our wedding and groom's cake and they were wonderful! If I were to do it again, I would have ordered a smaller wedding cake and bigger groom's cake (so there was some leftover groom's cake). The prices were reasonable I thought: http://specialoccasioncakes.net/page....
      2. I've had Lucy's cakes and they're super-yummy. Again, I'm not sure about their prices relative to your budget: http://www.lucyscakes.com/

      1. Used Michelle's Patisserie for my daughter's wedding a few years ago. Price was reasonable, cake was yummy, and Michelle was lovely to work with.


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          I agree: Michelle's Patisserie is fantastic.

        2. The bride and I had ours done at Lucy's. It was exceptional.

          1. When we got married (it was 8 yrs ago, so I can't recall the prices), we used Upper Crust Bakery (the guy we worked with there is named Seven (yes, really), and he was still there about a year ago). We did Italian Cream & Gateau Marisa (white cake, custard, strawberries) for the bride's cake & the chocolate/mocha cake for the groom's cake. All of them were fantastic - moist, tasty, and beautiful. The samples Upper Crust provided us for our tasting were MUCH better than the samples we tried from several other bakeries, including Lucy's and Sweetish Hill, and weren't any more expensive than the others. (People rave about Lucy's, but I haven't been overly impressed, and at our tasting session, they served us stale, fridge-tasting samples!)

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              I third Michelle's Patisserie. She was very reasonably priced for the gorgeous and tasty cakes we got. She has a kick bones tres leches cake! http://www.michellespatisserie.com/

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                I am glad I am not the only one that doesn't think Lucy's isn't that great. I had samples there, and was not impressed at all.

                I don't get all the raves...especially for wedding cakes. If it was a birthday, that is one thing, but a super important cake, and to get just average cake..bleh.

              2. I got married 2 years ago and got my cake from Russells Bakery in central Austin on Balcones Rd. We had the tres leches cake with raspberry and it was delicious (he does larger tiers which look nice for photos, and despite being a tres leches had excellent texture, not a traditional tres leches cake) The decor was outstanding. For a cake that fed 160 people there were 4 layers and cost about 400$. I also got a chocolate italian cream cake for the grooms cake in one layer. He delivered both cakes personally and was very professional, easy to work with.

                1. Sansalone's bakery on 12th (between the Tavern and Austin's Pizza) makes absolutely beautiful and amazing cakes. We get all of our cakes from there, now, after trying them at a friends wedding last year when we tracked down the baker's name to make all the cakes for my mom's huge 65th birthday.

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                    This is where we got our wedding cake (and grooms pies) and it was awesome. From the tasting through delivery and the presentation and taste of the cake, it was professional and well done. I highly endorse these guys.

                    Aside from cake, they make a mean key lime pie

                  2. I second the vote for Russell's - he did our daughter's (even went above and beyond and brought it to San Antonio!). The cake had live roses between the layers. Of course, if you go to the bakery (make an appointment with him), you'll get to try any cake you want. He's the best!

                    1. I just got married in December and I used Coco Paloma Desserts. Paloma has a fabulous kitchen behind her home and her cakes & designs are delicious. Her website is http://www.cocopalomadesserts.com/

                      I would highly recommend her!

                      Good luck.

                      1. I have used http://www.austincakelady.com/ to my great satisfaction. She's a sweet older woman who was very accommodating, and she literally has hundreds and hundreds of cakes photographed on her website. The cake was incredibly good - a sweet but not tooth aching buttercream icing, fluffy moist cake and a raspberry filling that *didn't* make the cake all soggy. Plus she delivered to a crazy hard to get to location for a very small fee. My experience was quite good, so I'd encourage you to check her out.

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                          I must reply to Austin Cake Lady - she is anything but sweet and all should know. I orginally had completed my cake with her and sending her check when all of sudden at the last moment she said she had never heard of me before nor our wedding date ! She dropped me completely spoke beyond rude to me and hung up on me without trying to help me AT ALL!!! Perhaps others have had a great experience but i can not believe how she handle the situation and never contacting me and I had a ton of email and phone calls documented and showed her. She played dumb. It was horrible and she left me stranded last moment!

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                            She did my daughter's cake and there must have been some very odd misunderstanding because our experience with her was flawless as was our cake. She is very busy, but she told us that our cake would be the focus for that day. I know she books quickly as our original date was taken before we could get to her as was our venue...so we had to adjust our date. We were booking 6 months in advanced which I was told by my venue was insane...so, I am guessing last minute booking with anyone is unwise.

                        2. My sister got married a couple of years ago, and had a great Italian Cream cake, made
                          by Old Pecan Street Cafe, super cheap for a wedding cake.


                          1. My wife and I got our wedding cake from the Upper Crust bakery http://theuppercrustbakery.com/
                            They stopped doing wedding cakes, but will sell their cakes and you can buy a tiered cake rack to put them on. It winds up being a delicious cake without the 'wedding tax' that everyone tries to levy on you. Instead of a grooms cake, we got 150 of the chocolate cupcakes, with cheesecake filling, top with a dark chocolate nugget. Speak with the baker named Seven, he'll set you up.
                            I just realized this post is about two years old, but this info may serve others.

                            1. I know this sounds crazy, but Wal-Mart! You can get a 3 tier cake for about $150.00 If you don't like the plain stacking type, you can rent different stands at cake stores or even buy some very inexpensive.

                              1. We used the Austin Cake Lady. She doesn't have a large bakery, so we found that she was under the price of the larger bakeries. She has done just as many cakes as the large bakery(check out her website) but is able to offer a lower price because she does the work herself. Our cakes were AWESOME!

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                                  hhhmmm I got reported to the board for speaking honest but I guess I should make it clear what had happened. I am sure the cake lady makes wonderful cakes. I never said that. However I spoke with her for several months through emailed booked her 6 months ahead of time. I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING LAST MINUTE!!! Flew from California to Texas for final and only time to cake plan. Got there was told by her she never heard of me, my husband spoke to her and she cleary stated again though at that time i had emails to prove it. Then she realized she had 2 bookings for that day anyway and could not commadate us at all! So that is what happened. So no other cake people I had to start from scratch because I dearly trusted her. So i never chose my cake or tasted cakes for anyone because we flew to see her. SO my best friend tasted and ordered my cake from MAtty's Cakes. IT was good we did cupcakes! But I missed something I was really excited about doing!! We are married and way over with the wedding. Thanks for everyones help. I am only speaking honestly on this blog. That is why we create this. I am not trying to speak poorly but speaking honestly of my own experiences.

                                2. I can vouch for Michelle's Patisserie - she made my 2007 wedding cake and it was seriously the best cake I've ever eaten! Beautiful too.

                                  1. www.cakesbykathy.com
                                    She works from her home in Pflugerville, but her cakes are 1) DELICIOUS, 2) beautiful, and 3) reasonable.
                                    If you're looking for buttercream, or cream cheese frosting, and cant stand fondant, she's the one you want. Her cakes are by far the best I've eaten, and I've tried a lot of 'em.

                                    1. We're getting our cakes done by Lori at Classic Cakes by Lori in Dripping Springs. It's a bit of a drive out there (although we're getting married in Bee Caves). But, her cakes are super yummy. Her french vanilla puts any other "white" cake to shame. And her butter cream is rich but not too sugary (she uses salted butter to cut the sugar rush). She's friendly and also very reasonably priced. I had expected to spend around 600-700 for cake (bride and groom cakes for ~100 guests) and Lori only charged just over 400!

                                      1. We got married, well... 3 days after the original post (Dec 8, 2007), and we got our cakes from Lavender & Roses(http://lavenderandroses.com).

                                        Their cakes were both delicious (best of the 6 or 7 we sampled) and very good looking and artistic. They made these really, really cool edible poppy flowers that went on the cake and table with it.

                                        We had the White WIne w/ Strawberries, with a Chocolate Fudge groom's cake, if I remember right, with frosting, not fondant.