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Dec 5, 2007 03:36 PM

Christmas. Anything open?

Are there any good places open for dinner/ drinks on christmas in the quarter or the marigny? Coop's? Iggy's grilling outside? hotel food?

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  1. according to tom fitzmorris's website, these places are open christmas day

    7 On Fulton
    Begue's Restaurant
    The Besh Steakhouse
    Chateau Sonesta Hotel Dining Room.
    Crystal Room at Le Pavillon Hotel
    Hotel Inter-Continental
    La Cote Brasserie
    Melange at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel,
    Le Café at Hotel Monteleone
    Rib Room.
    St. Charles Tavern
    Windsor Court Grill Room
    Wolfe's in the Warehouse District

    i'm sure there are others, as his list seems slanted to the finer dining end of things. that is to say i'm not sure coop's would be on his list even if it were open.