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Dec 5, 2007 02:51 PM

Middle Eastern Restaurant Delivery, 30-40 people?

My work is having an event on a saturday night in early january, and we are lookign for low-budget, yummy food. Normally we would get trays of salad, appetizers, falafel, shawarma etc. from Haifa, which is in our neighbourhood (Pico-Robertson), but it is a Saturday night and they won't open in time to do it. Any suggestions for casual middle-eastern places that might be comparable? The ones I was seeing seemed too upscale.


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  1. Carnival in Van Nuys will deliver for that many people, usually. I recently called them for a work event for the same number of people, although we haven't tried it yet.

    Carnival Restaurant
    4356 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Second Carnival, if they'll deliver out there.

    2. Crazy name -- Burger Continental in Pasadena delivers big office lunches to me in Santa Monica. They are quite reasonable and tasty, the whole staff loves it. We always get a middle eastern spread from them.

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      1. re: Ciao Bob

        I think one can do much better then BG. For Middle Eastern standards, they would be graded very low in quality, flavor and authenticity. As mentioned above, check out Carnival in Sherman Oaks, which has very good food or Marouch in Hollywood.

      2. Sunnin on Westwood. I'm not sure if they'll deliver, but you can definitely have them prepare for an order of that size. And they have wonderful middle eastern/lebanese food that sounds like exactly what you are looking for. . . also, not too pricey.

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          imho, shamshiri grill on westwood blvd, has far superior food to sunnin.
          they certainly would be able to accomodate the chowkitten's party.

          1. re: westsidegal

            I think what people might realize is that there is a difference inmiddle-eastern foods, depending on the country of origin. For instance, Shamshiri is a Persian food establishment, which is very different then let's say a Lebanese, Israeli (Haifa, which I believe is Israeli based), Western Armenian (Syria/Lebanon) and Eastern Armenian (Armenia/Russia). They all have the same base but with very different and distinct flavors and sides.

            1. re: Joe

              to me, microwaving precooked falafal balls, as sunnin does, is a no no at all times.

            2. re: westsidegal

              Apples and oranges. Sunnin and Shamshiri offer two distinctly different cuisines.

          2. Milano's Deli in Pasadena (not sure if they deliver that far, but worth asking - they're an enthusiastic couple and would love the business, and their prices are REALLY reasonable) is excellent:

            1. thanks folks - i will report back on the party and who we go with. I am leaning to sunnin bc i like lebanese food so much :)

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              1. re: chowkitten

                Please let us know if they deliver. So far, Carnival is the only one I have heard of that delivers and I really need to order for the same number of people!

                1. re: Chowpatty

                  they don't! I just got off the phone with Carnival. I am thinking of going there for lunch this weekend to test it out before I make my order.