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Dec 5, 2007 01:54 PM

Cashion's Place to Eat

I was there a few years ago and the service and wait to eat were awful. 2.5 hours for a meal. Does anybody have more recent experiences there? Is it still a long wait?

Any recs on comparable nice, funky food and fun environment places to eat?

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  1. Ate there about two months ago. No problems with service at all. It was on a Monday night, though, for what that's worth.

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      I went there on a Thursday night a month or so ago. My friend and I were really looking forward to eating there, especially since Thursday night is supposed to be their famous burger night. We got there and there were two people ahead of us. The resturant was busy but not full. There were three or four tables that needed to be bussed and were not. There were two waitstaff who never looked us in the eye or attempted to clean the tables. I was hoping that someone would come over and let us know what was going on and how long we could expect to wait. I could see Gillian Clark cooking. However, after standing there for about twenty minutes we just decided to leave and went elsewhere. Maybe it was a bad night, I'll give it another chance.

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        Gillian Clark is the chef at Colorado Kitchen, not Cashion's Eat Place...are you sure you're talking about the same place? I don't think Cashion's serves any burger at all on any night.

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          It sounds like Rumple is discussing Colorado Kitchen since they do have a special burger night AND Gillian Clark is the head chef there.

          Cashion's is in Adams Morgan on Columbia Rd. The place use to be owned by Ann Cashion, but I believe she sold it to her sous chef a couple months back. There were rumors of a menu change but I haven't been lately or heard anything new. Personally I hope it stays exactly the same---why mess with perfection?

    2. I'm a little surprised to hear that since I've always had excellent food and service at Cashion's. When I was living in Adams Morgan it was one of my favorite neighborhood spots. I haven't been in a few months though so I can't speak to any recent experiences.

      In terms of a similar neighborhood vibe with great food I would recommend Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle. (I traded one in for the other when I moved to Dupont). You might also like Mark and Orlando's and Firefly.

      To a lesser extend Hudson. I really like the food there (have tried it 3 times now) but my most recent experience in terms of service was only so-so. But its worth checking out for a fun, local hang out with a good menu.

      1. I live in the neighborhood and eat there all the time. If you're looking for locally sourced, seasonal, and incredible food in Adams Morgan, there is nowhere else that can touch this place. I've also had nothing but great service.

        As far as comparable places to eat, I recently ate at Westend Bistro and was very impressed. Great food (get the crab cake appetizer) and a very nice wine list. Good service too.

        1. I went there last summer and the wait was fairly long, not too bad though. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing but I wasn't impressed with my meal.

          1. I'd give it another try. I've lived in DC for over 18 years and Cashions has always been on my favorites list. In that time, they've experienced ups and downs in food and service, but as of late, both for me have been ups! The food is top notch these days, creative, innovative and delicious. The service has been well paced and friendly. My last two visits where absolutely stellar. Happy Eating!

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              Everyone I know loves Cashions, but I just haven't hit it right yet. It is fairly expensive with nearly every main course over $20 -- be prepared for that -- and that's a lot for a noisy crowded place. Whenever I've gone I found the menu off balance. It changes almost daily, and they don't post the new menu until the restaurant opens. So if you glanced at the menu in the afternoon, and went back later for dinner, you are likely to be given a different menu. My companion and I walked out once because of this -- offerings that were still available that night were just ehh.