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Dec 5, 2007 12:11 PM

Del Posto - late night

I am wondering what the scene is like at Del Posto after 10pm on a Saturday night. My husband and I are celebrating an anniversary there, and I couldn't get a reservation there before 10 -- I'm afraid the restaurant might be "dead," which will just be depressing. Does anyone have experience dining there late-ish?

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  1. Call same day and see if you can get into the Inotecha earlier. They only take same day reservations. It's a great menu, same great cooking, but a little more relaxed and fun.

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      Thanks - we've been to inoteca lots...wanted to try something different/more special. But that's great to know they take reservations!

    2. That's not really "late night" in terms of NYC dining. I had a 9:30 reservation on a Saturday in the summer in the enoteca room. Stayed until at least 11, and the restaurant remained crowded.

      1. I had a drink at the bar on a recent Saturday night at around 11pm, and the place looked full. The vibe was very festive. There was a real energy.

        1. I rarely go out to dinner before 9 or 9:30 and most restaurants are still packed and seating diners long after I sit down, especially on a Saturday night. I actually think they take reservations until 11pm, so you'll be fine.