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Dec 5, 2007 11:40 AM

Eagle Rock adj. Dim Sum?

My Chinese family is congregating for Dim Sum on Saturday. The catch is that my cousin will be at an event in Eagle Rock (around Colorado and Figueroa) and only has a short lunch break. Does anybody have any recommendations for good dim sum that may be within a 15 minute (driving) radius for him? The rest of us are coming from West LA and Ventura.

Chinatown seems to be the closest, but we've had bad experiences with the Empress lately.

Any recommendations that won't garner the evil eye from my dowager of a grandmother would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Downtown L.A. would definitely be the closest dim sum, and probably not possible with a short lunch break. How about Ocean Seafood downtown? Not sure if it's any better than Empress but I used to like it ages ago.

    1. arcadia's about 15-20 minutes away. you can hit up either Full House or Hop Li.

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        1. Triumphal Palace -- 500 W Main St Ste A Alhambra, CA 91801

          This is a high end dim sum place, where you order off the menu, it was super good when I went there about 2 months ago. The non-cart factor actually makes the service faster, but you'll pay a little more. It's really not too far from Eagle Rock, I've made the drive.

          1. All the good dimsum, as you probably know, is in the San Gabriel Valley--Elite, 888, Harbour Seafood. The best in Chinatown, which is the only 15 minute option in Eagle Rock, is probably CBS, behind Philippe's, on Ord. Empress is a shadow of its former self, and I haven't eaten at Ocean Star or ABC in years.

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              I would second CBS. Much better than Ocean Star. They have a parking lot, too.