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Dec 5, 2007 11:35 AM

Best mac n cheese in NJ?

Hi experts,
I'm trying to get a unique holiday gift for my sister, whose favorite dish in the world is mac n cheese. her husband makes fun of the fact that when she goes to really nice restaurants, she'll order the mac n cheese if they happen to have a version on their menu. I'm wondering if y'all have a recommendation for the best mac n cheese you've ever experienced in NJ. She lives in Somerset County and I'm thinking a gift certificate for a restaurant -- or some orders that I could pick up and she could pig out on and/or freeze -- would be nice.

thanks for the help!

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  1. exalt, if you're willing to travel for your sisters favorite dish, may I recommend either:

    Comfort Diner
    214 E 45th St
    New York, NY 10017-3302
    Phone: (212) 867-4555
    to die for MnC!

    343 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair
    (973) 744-7315
    They make a spicy mac n cheese

    1. The best mac and cheese I have ever tasted is at The Flaky Tart in Atlantic Highlands. It's a bakery with a small counter for seating.

      She makes a classic comforting mac and cheese, creamy sauce, macaroni cooked just right, small croutons on top.

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        The Flaky Tart is at 145 First Ave. in Atlantic Highlands. 732. 291. 2555.

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          no kidding, I have not tried the mac n cheese at Flaky Tart...god knows I've tried nearly all the sweets! Thanks for the local tip val ann c!

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            The best mac n' cheese I ever had in NJ was the one made at Hinck's Turkey Farm. I understand they have only one retail location open in Manasquan.

            1. re: bgut1

              bgut1 -- I haven't paid much attention to this thread since I don't like mac n cheese, but I was surprised to see that Hinck's is down to one retail location in Manasquan. When did the the location on Rt. 35 close?

              1. re: jsfein

                Its been closed at least a year. A sad day around here when it closed. :(

            2. re: HillJ

              I've had lunch at FT a few times. I like the mac n cheese and the chicken salad -- both are classic comfort food preparations, very high quality and carefully made. Also the ham and cheese croissant -- very rich. I've tried the frittata and tuna salad. They are good, but don't shine like the aforementioned items.

              The baguette sandwiches are very good. Baguettes are not baked in house, but she has a great source.

              And then there are the sweets :-)

          2. While I have yet to make the trek north to try it, Silver Oak Bistro makes a make and cheese that gets raves on other boards. The chef make it to order by first adding cheese to a nonstick pan, then topping it with the mac & cheese, then it is folded over omlet style so that the finished product is entirely encased in a crispy exterior. Sort of like every bite having the crispy edges.

            You know, it doesn't seen to be on the menu any longer.....

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            1. The best mac n' cheese I've had in New Jersey was at Marco & Pepe in Jersey City.


              1. Although I never really order mac and cheese, one of the good ones I have had was at Wolfgang Puck Express in Hoboken. had 4 cheeses and was SO GOOD! I only wish they would open one of these places in Monmouth County!!! soo good..but I know it is too far from Somerset Co. and it really is not a "night out" is more cafetria style.