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San Antonio Place Downtown for Sunday Dinner 20+?

Hi all, Boston hound here who has been tasked with researching venues for a Sunday evening dinner for 20+ in downtown San Antonio in early January. It needs to be within walking distance of the Hilton downtown on the Riverwalk (though it doesn't need to be on the Riverwalk per se). A broader-style restaurant (read "American" or casual upscale) would be best to please so many folks, but if we need to go Tex-Mex nothing wrong with that (with me at least).

I'd really appreciate your suggestions! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Little Rhein Steakhouse is right next to the Hilton. If the weather is nice, you can sit out on the terrace and watch the boats go by. They actually did a dinner for me at their private dining house (i think it was called The Dashielle House) which is right next door to their restaurant, and it was very nice to have the entire place to ourselves and you can be a little louder.

    Let us know what you finally decide on and how it was.

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      And next door is the Fig Tree which I prefer over Little Rhein.

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        Thanks for the replies! I took a look at Little Rhein/Dashiell House/Fig Tree and they look like fine restaurants...maybe a little too fine for my group, which will be very casual after flying in from BOS? Any suggestions for more casual local venues in the area?

    2. Two thoughts, boudreaux's and Landrys are two options, maybe a rung down in food quality and net investment but still very nice for San Antonio. Both are within a few blocks walk of the Hilton and should be able to easily handle a group of your size.

      My last visit to Landry's resulted in some sluggish service but very good dining, and my other recommendation is one of the more rock solid choices downtown. Hmm, just thought also County Line might be a player too; however, you mustn't think that this merely acceptable riverwalk bbq outfit is representative in any way of the real quality you'll find if you leave the beaten Riverwalk path and visit some other local outfits.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Enjoy your stay . My wife & I are from Reno but have spent extensive time in S.A. . My advice would be to not eat at the places on the river walk they are pretty but you can do better. Try La Tienda it is an old S.A. institution and it is very christmasy and perfect for the season. I would also recommend Henry's Puffy tacos for a very different and wonderful treat in the taco realm with almost nothing like it in the U.S. .
        Enjoy !

        1. Sorry I goofed henry's puffy tacos and La tienda aren't within walking distance of riverwalk.

          1. Hmm, wondering if you're referring to Mi Tierra in the El Mercado? Not a bad option, but I'm not sure about as an initial landing spot for tired travelers just hitting the ground from a long trip. If the suggestions I posed earlier don't meet your approval, how about Lucciano's Restaurante on the river level of Rivercenter Mall. Short stroll from the Hilton, and affordable enough I'd say. The food is flavorful and fairly middle of the road, straight forward for Italian. The question is whether or not they've got a separate room for you guys to hang out in, or even a slightly isolated area.

            Let us know what you decide....curious.


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              Sorry for the belated response---our group went to Lucciano's and had a lovely and very filling Italian dinner outdoors on the loggia outside the restaurant. Great value for money too! We also did a function at Acenar on another night which was a big hit.
              Thanks to everyone for all your help!

            2. Friend from SA mentioned Biga on the Banks - on the river - contemporary cuisine. Says Boudro's (not 'eaux' she says) is wonderful, but you may have a problem negotiating for a large group. Call well in advance and see what they'll do for you. For upscale Tex-Mex, Acenar is a couple of blocks walk. And think about Houston Street Bistro - check about whether they can handle a large group. It's not on the river, but close.

              1. One of my favorite restaurants is a Belgian bistro called La Frite. It is located about one mile from downtown in the King Williams neighborhood. It is easily reached by trolley, a short taxi ride, or with the extremely pleasant weather you might even walk it. The entrees are in the $20 range with their signature (and huge) dish, mussels and fries (best fries in the city) coming in at a very reasonable $16. The restaurant is pretty small so if you're going to be 20 you would probably have to make it an early dinner. Other good choices that are a bit lighter than traditional tex-mex are Boudros (modern tex-mex), Rosarios (also modern tex-mex, great cocktails), and Mad-Hatters (funky tea & sandwich shop with hot specials, great ice tea selection, you will need to reserve their big room).

                Some good fall-backs are Texas Land & Cattle (good, not great, bbq), Mi Tierra/La Margarita/Pico de Gallo (trio of traditional tex-mex restaurants owned by the same family, La Margarita is the best), and Acenar (modern tex-mex, same owners as Rosarios). Unfortunately we do not have a great culinary selection in downtown San Antonio yet, though I am hoping that will change with the development of the new Culinary Institute of America campus being built downtown. Have a great trip.