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Dec 5, 2007 11:13 AM

Pre-party bite in Allston?

Need some advice - I'm heading to a holiday party in Allston (Western Ave area) on Saturday night. I'm not totally familiar with the dining destinations there, though I have tried looking up options, but am not sure of locations.

We're looking for good food, decent atmosphere (we'll be in "festive" attire), that would be relatively close to the party.

Any thoughts? Don't want to spend $$$, but will pay for good food/service/drinks. Also, one person is slightly particular, so likely nothing too deep in any ethnic cuisines (ie Cambodian).

Hope this helps, thanks in advance.

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  1. There's not much of anything in the Western Ave area, frankly - a Subway, a diner that is only open for breakfast/lunch, a pizza shop up near Mahoney's. Are you driving or using public transportation?

    There's tons of good food in the Allston Village area, but that which isn't bar food of one level of quality or another is pretty much exclusively ethnic, and most of those don't have liquor licenses. I'd suggest Carlo's Cucina Italiana (Italian), Shanghai Gate (Chinese), Grain and Salt (Indian - maybe too whatever for your "particular" person), or Cafe Brazil (Brazilian). Of those, only the first and the last are licensed, I believe. Oh, and the new Turkish restaurant, Saray, has a very nice atmosphere and we had superb service there just last week, but again they're not licensed.

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      Thanks for the suggestions - I was thinking of Saray (we'll be driving) but I'll look into Carlo's Cucina Italiana...they told me there wasn't much on Western, so I appreciate your rec's above!

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        Given your guidelines, I think Carlo's Cucina Italiana is pretty much ideal for your purposes.

    2. If I were in festive dress and gonna have to drive from some place in Allston over to Western Ave. anyway, I'd just go a bit further away to Eastern Standard in Kenmore or Lineage in Coolidge Corner. At those places you can get a good meal for good to okay money, make a reservation (unlike Carlo's) and feel right dressed up whereas I'd feel goofy dressed nicely in most of the Allston places. Maybe Fugyaku also, or Great Bay for another bit of $$.