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Dec 5, 2007 11:13 AM

Suggestions for Christmas dinner in Burlington area

We're heading to the Burlington, Vt. area for Christmas (actually the Inn at Essex).
We were planning on having Christmas dinner at Butlers, which has gotten a lot of hype as being good because of the culinary school. They have a $65 a person fixe price menu. But after reading the Chowhound board, we're having second thoughts. It got some pretty negative reviews and we don't want to spend that much for a place that isn't really good. So does anyone have any suggestions for a nice restaurant where we can have dinner on Christmas in the general vicinity?
Thanks for your help....

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  1. From what I've heard, I'd recommend Butler's for the Sunday Brunch, if nothing else. :)

    Trattoria Delia is fantabulous. I don't know if they're going to be open that night, though, I don't keep track of that sort of thing since I live an hour away from Burlington. :)

    1. Morganna is right on with the Butler's brunch recommendation; it's a very special spread you will remember for a long time! But I have not been impressed with the dinners there. Not a bad place to have a pint though. Be sure not to miss Tiny Thai in the strip mall next to the movie theater right down the street from where you will be staying (OK not an ideal setting for the Holiday but it should not be missed). Sorry I am not much help, but I do not know who is open for dinner on Christmas!