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Dec 5, 2007 10:52 AM

Sad news - Opera Patisserie Downtown SD closed

I had driven by a couple of times and it looked dark - so I called and apparently the decision was made last week. Such a shame- they made the best croissants in town. They have moved their kitchen to Mira Mesa and plan to open a new retail business in Sorrento Valley in Feb, so hopefully all is not lost!

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  1. Oh, wow, this actually works for me. I've been wanting to try Opera for a while, but I'm never downtown during the day (work in La Jolla) and am too lazy to go in the evening (presuming they're open in the eve, which I haven't checked). However, with a new Sorrento Valley location, I can go there during lunch. Hopefully, nothing changes and they're as good as I've heard.

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    1. re: geekyfoodie

      You gotta be kidding me!!??? Second best macaroons outside of Paris I thought (and only bested by Miette in San Francisco's Ferry Landing building). I was there a few weeks back and the place was hopping. A shame.

      1. re: Ewilensky

        "I was there a few weeks back and the place was hopping."

        Sounds like rent issues. Landlord sees crowd; landlord informs tenant that the rates will be increasing dramatically.

        Or not.

        1. re: RB Hound

          The space was attached to an antique shop, and I was under the impression that they were leasing from the shop's owner, who was also an investor. I guess that relationship could have gone sour, but I think they never really gave themselves a chance. They stopped fully stocking the case just after they opened, and started closing earlier and earlier. By the end, they were closing at 2 PM every weekday and all weekend. Altogether it was open less than six months and they would have needed at least a year to break even. They also got off to a rocky start with their savory food - they had to take a lot of items off the menu, and blacking them out on the board really kind of looked bad for their business. I didn't care though, since the grilled vegetable panini was damn near the best sandwich in town.

          I think if they were open in the evening they might have done some after dinner business. Even Extraordinary Desserts is pretty much empty all day during the week. Their bakery is on site there though, so it probably doesn't cost them much extra to keep the retail side open all day, and they do a decent lunch business.

      2. re: geekyfoodie

        Thank you for your message.
        Opera Patisserie closed downtown but we have still if you cannot wait any longer! You can call our office and we will take care of any demands for sweets! The bistro got delayed and should be reopen by the end of June in Sorrento Valley, Infos are on the website. Hopefully we will see you soon at our atelier or bistro! Have a great day!!!

        1. re: thierryopera

          I can vouch that they are very accommodating for small individual orders! Also - I think the Cafe de l'Opera that took it's place is still selling the croissants - I've been in a few times for them on Fridays, for the weekends - though not for a few weeks. The croissants and pastries are also at some of the local farmers markets - Hillcrest and LJ for ex.

          1. re: thierryopera

            Your Cafe in Sorrento is great, it's an oasis in the culinary desert of Mira Mesa! In my rotation, you are competing against the likes of Soup Plantation, Panda Express, and Croutons, which are the only places within 5 miles I'd choose. If I go 10 miles, I'll go to Inn and Out.

            That said, 80% of the time when given a choice, I'll drive 20 minutes to Convoy for lunch (or east Miramar for Indian). When I don't have a choice, I get taken to Chipotle, Fuddruckers, Tio Leo, and the food court.

            At Opera I had the lunch special and enjoyed it (details in new thread). I ordered a croissant too, which was great. I would recommend a bigger lunch special - I actually have a lighter appetite than the average person but ordered a croissant to complete the meal. I'm happy to pay the price I did for the lunch special plus croissant, maybe you could add the option to "add a croissant" to the lunch special? That would make it clear to people how much to order to match their typical experiences in Mira Nesa.

            In Mira Mesa 90% of your customers are probably going to be people working nearby like me. Most people I know don't care for good food, but the ones that do are going to go wherever it takes to have it.

            Thank you!

        2. Oh dear! At least sorrento valley is really close to my work! I only made it to the downtown one once.

          1. This is unfortunate, since I have been a devoted fan of Opera ever since they opened their downtown location last year. It always seemed busy to me, especially with the lunch crowd, and their macaroons were unrivaled. I definitely think they could have beaten the other downtown cafes like Cake Chateau and Fuel.

            1. I am really sad to see that the cafe did not work out for them. I had gone down there in hopes of getting a box of macaroons for my birthday only to find an empty shop :(.

              I loved Opera Patisserie - from the macaroons (which I have to disagree with Ewilensky, I found Miette's macaroons to be too dense), to panini to their prepared daily salads! There's so much that I love about this place, since they don't overload their sweets with sugar like ED. I can't wait until the Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley boutique opens!!!

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              1. re: darkmob

                Opera Parisserie is back open again!

                New owners, but Thierry is still doing all their baking.


              2. The original comment has been removed