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ISO Italian Fig Cookies...

Hi, I'm searching for an Italian Bakery that carries Southern Italian fig cookies. They go by many different names - cucciddati, cuddareddi, petrali, bucalleti, etc... - but they're all the same thing, a fig filled cookie. I have seen fig rings, large, cake-like things, but that's not what I'm searching for. I'm searching for the cookie itself.

I have found many recipes for them, but I'm a dismal baker, it would be so much easier to buy them for the holidays. If anyone has seen them in any bakery please let me know.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Court Pastry- Court and Degraw

    1. monalisabakery.com. It is on 86th Street between 14th and 15th and they will deliver them to you. They have the Sicilian fig cookies listed on that web site.

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        Ditto for Mona Lisa Bakery. The others are great - these are sublime. While you're there, check out the outrageous Christmas lights on the nearby homes! There are traffic jams to see them, but you can eat your fig cookies as you drive around.

      2. Court Street Pastry has a wonderful Italian baker who makes all the Southern Italian Christmas specialties. Cuccidadi is excellent. The price is very reasonable as well.

        1. I love fig cookies too and recently got some very good ones at Royal Crown Bakery on 14th Ave. Don't remember seeing them there before so it might be a good idea to call before going (718-234-1002).

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            Thanks so much for all of these great suggestions! I can't wait check these places out.

            : )

          2. La Dolce Pasrty Shoppe in Rossville-Staten Island

            1. COURT STREET PASTRY on Court Street in Carroll Gardens has a few different vartieties of Cuccidati, as well as many other kinds of Sicilian and Neopolitan Christmas cookies.

              We get them ever year. You might also try VILLABATE in Bensonhurst. They have delicious everything, and you think you are in a bakery in Palermo

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                I love Villabate, and I'm glad to see its name in this thread. I live in Manhattan, and it blows Manhattan Italian pastry places (my favorite is Bruno's) so far out of the water that it's a joke.

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                  I agree on Villabate. It's OLD Bensonhurst at its best.

              2. I am a huge fig cookie fan also. If I cannot find the southern Italian kind I have purchased the Middle Eastern varieties which seem easier to find and just as delicious. In terms of the southern Italian variety, I just sampled two from Terrizi's in Astoria that were quite good. It's on 30th Ave near 36th Street.

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                  Try VILLABATE. We were there yesterday, and picked upa luscious assortment of authentic Italian treats.

                  The Fig Cookies you are looking for are unbelievably delicious here. They have the regular ones, and those dipped in Chocolate. They also have the wreath shaped cookies filled with figs.

                  We are getting a large Cassata for New Years. It is absolutely gorgeous, and just as delicious as it is beautiful. The most authentic Sicilian Pastry I've found outside of Italy.