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Dec 5, 2007 10:46 AM

Searching for blood oranges and honey (Fresno)

Hello Fresno "Hounds, hopefully your resourcefullness can help me out on finding a couple things!

As the title suggests I am looking for blood oranges. I've checked out Trader Joe's and Whole Foods but they haven't started carrying them yet, if they plan to have them at all. If memory serves me correctly, blood oranges should be coming into season shortly if not already. What are the fruit stands/farmer's markets around the Fresno/Clovis area that might carry them?

Also, I am searching for Orange Blossom Honey. I have not checked out Whole Foods yet, but am hoping to find a local honey maker (correct title??) that I could purchase from. I heard that there is a large fruit/vegetable/honey stand on the way to Lindsey. Not sure how to get there, or how far away from Fresno it is. I am hoping for something a bit closer, but will travel if it is worth it. I suppose I could buy it online, but I would rather help out the local scene.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. You are too early for blood oranges. They are a late citrus. I'd be surprised if you can get them before Christmas. I eat them almost daily January-February...Orange blossom honey is easy to find. Look in a decent supermarket, or go to the biggest farmer's market you can find for a local source. You ARE in orange country, after all. But remember the blossoms don't come out for a while, so your honey will be "old," not that it goes bad...

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      Thanks, I was trying to remember what month it was when my BF brought some home after he went snowboarding. That fruit stand moved, alas my search continues!!

      1. re: fois_gratitude

        Keep checking, though. I saw Meyer Lemons the other day and thought it was early for them. So Blood Oranges might be soon.

        1. re: brendastarlet

          There was a website that I could buy a crate of blood oranges from, and they said they were harvesting them on the 10th. Still confused on the actual time period they are in season, but I will keep checking around. Like I said before, I would rather buy local (plus I do not need a whole crate of them!!).

    2. Have you checked for honey at the Cal State Fresno Farm Store? I stopped in there last year but I don't remember if they had honey. I know the Cal Poly Pomona store sells it in bulk.

      1. I think you are a little early for blood oranges, haven't seen them around yet. The Vineyard farmer's market at Shaw and Blackstone will have them when they come into season. There is also a "honey guy" who sells local honey at the market, but I don't know if he has orange blossom honey or not. I have bought some at Whole Foods before, but haven't checked there lately.

        1. This web site was from last November but the bee club at Fresno State probably still is active. You could give it a try.

          1. If you happen to be in the Sanger area there was a home of the west side of Academy Ave, btw Shields & Ashlan that sold honey out of the back end section of an old blue VW bus. No idea if it's still there or not, any hounds cruise by that area recently?