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Dec 5, 2007 10:40 AM

dining alone in roma on a saturday

I am arriving in rome mid afternoon on a saturday. can anyone recommend a place where someone dining alone can have a good, interesting dinner on a busy saturday night? Does anyone know of a place where you can do the roman equivalent of eating at the bar??


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  1. There isn't an equivalent of eating at the bar, but there are cafeteria-type places, usually quite informal and often not open in the evening. M. Volpetti on via della Scrofa is one, no relation to E. Volpetti, the shop on via Marmorata, which has its own tavola calda cafeteria called Volpetti PiĆ¹.

    But really, yyou can go pretty much anywhere you like. Just reserve. Only a few places won't take singles.

    1. not sure if this is quite your thing, but Bibli Liberia/Cafe in Trastevere (Via Fienaroli?) is a great place- nice crowd, supply your own reading material, and excellent coffee/tea/variety of food to boot. If you want something a little more fancy, honestly, as I've learned there are a ton of enoteche and bars to accommodate you. 'Gusto's wine bar, Salotto 42 for modern and lovely couches, all those places around Campo dei Fiori...or just get a reservation for one and eat like royalty wherever you please.