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Trying to find Aero Bars in L.A.

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It was just my luck to find one in an Asian store a month ago. I'd never seen nor heard of it before... and when I tried it, I loved it. However, when I went back recently, they said they didn't know when they would get any more of them (no!!!).

After looking on the web, I realize there's different versions of the Nestle Aero bar (UK, Canada, Japan, etc), but hey, any or all of them would be great to find.

- M

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  1. I have seen them at " BevMo ", both in Pasadena and Huntington Beach.

    1. I want to say I've seen them at Monsieur Marcel at the Farmer's Market.

      1. Cost Plus carries Aero bars, plus a huge selection of other UK chocolates (Flake, etc.).

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          Yup, I think they are consistently available at Costplus.

        2. I believe the gas station at 5th and Wilshire in Santa Monica also carries them (along with a bunch of other British candy bars).

          1. beverly glen market carries all the flavors, or try the tudor house in santa monica

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              They usually have them at the Continental Shop which is a British import shop on Wilshire in Santa Monica. http://thecontinentalshop.com/groceri...
              I would assume other similar import shops would sell them also. I have seen the bars in various Indian markets too, but I can't recall a specific one offhand. Sometimes you see Japanese versions at Japanese markets. I've seen bags of small bars in places like the Mitsuwa in West L.A.

            2. I do believe that the british foodstuff shop in the anteroom to the Tudor House tea house in Santa Monica carries the Aero bars. Also, check directly across the street from the Tudor House, at the other british foodstuff shop next door to the King's Head Pub.