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Dec 5, 2007 10:29 AM

Trying to find Aero Bars in L.A.

It was just my luck to find one in an Asian store a month ago. I'd never seen nor heard of it before... and when I tried it, I loved it. However, when I went back recently, they said they didn't know when they would get any more of them (no!!!).

After looking on the web, I realize there's different versions of the Nestle Aero bar (UK, Canada, Japan, etc), but hey, any or all of them would be great to find.

- M

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  1. I have seen them at " BevMo ", both in Pasadena and Huntington Beach.

    1. I want to say I've seen them at Monsieur Marcel at the Farmer's Market.

      1. Cost Plus carries Aero bars, plus a huge selection of other UK chocolates (Flake, etc.).

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        1. re: Hailyn

          Yup, I think they are consistently available at Costplus.

        2. I believe the gas station at 5th and Wilshire in Santa Monica also carries them (along with a bunch of other British candy bars).

          1. beverly glen market carries all the flavors, or try the tudor house in santa monica

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            1. re: Emme

              They usually have them at the Continental Shop which is a British import shop on Wilshire in Santa Monica.
              I would assume other similar import shops would sell them also. I have seen the bars in various Indian markets too, but I can't recall a specific one offhand. Sometimes you see Japanese versions at Japanese markets. I've seen bags of small bars in places like the Mitsuwa in West L.A.