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Dec 5, 2007 10:04 AM

Saturday Brunch - Best in LA

Most people go to Sunday brunch and I assume Saturday is all the same, but are there any great weekend brunch places in LA? This can be anywhere from Downtown to the Westside Santa Monica but I am curious as to where some of the best places are and some spots that maybe dont get the credit they deserve. Thanks.

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  1. There are a lot of threads on this, but here are my favorite places for brunch starting on the westside and moving east:

    Rose Cafe
    3 Square
    Pacific Dining Car
    Bloom Cafe
    Square One

    1. Agree on 3 Square cafe. My favorite is probably Joe's in Venice. I don't find the dinner menu as exciting as some other hounds do, but brunch is very well-prepared and a great can get 2 courses (soup, salad, or granola, and an entree) for around $15! And the patio is a really nice place to sit. So all in all, probably my favorite brunch spot. I also like brunch at Hal's in Venice, which is never mentioned on this board. They put out a really nice basket of complementary breads and muffins, and do a great version of Eggs benedict. And it's never too busy, so this is a good last-minute choice when other places have an hour-long wait or no reservations available.

      1. griddle cafe
        little next door
        ohn o'groats