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Dec 5, 2007 09:52 AM

Purchasing Rare Beers

I am hoping to buy my boyfriend some rare beers for a christmas gift, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to buy in the DC area. Also, to clarify I'm not talking about beer like Chimay or Orval, more along the lines of "Old Engine Oil" or "Saison Dupont" or "Panil Barriquee." The kind of thing you could get at Brasserie Beck or Brickskeller. Thanks!

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  1. Mrs. Shortorder buys me unusual beers at Arrowine, in Arlington. Although I'm not familiar with the ones you mentioned.

    1. Check out Cleveland Park liquors. They have a pretty awesome selection of great beers. I've also seen Saison Dupont in wholefoods along with some other good stuff.

      1. grape juice at 5757 lee highway in arlington has (and and can get) some unusual beers. one of the co-owners is the wine buff, the other a beer lover.

        1. Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits has a great selection of obscure brews, a very knowledgeable staff, and parking behind the back.