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Dec 5, 2007 09:43 AM

Westside: Fun (maybe small plates) for 10 on a Saturday

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a rec for 6 - 10 people for next Saturday. Nothing too expensive or too cheap. Westside preferably.

The ideal was getting Musha's backroom but it's booked. Anything similar on Sawtelle that someone can recommend? It doesn't have to be a private room.

I tried Cobras and Matadors but they don't seat more than 6 on Fri/Sat.

Many thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. you can check out izakaya sasaya.

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      1. re: wilafur

        Second this. There's sort of a side room that would seat a large party in a long table by the window.

        I think Furaibo and Terried Sake House would be too smokey and cramped.

      2. almost forgot......i went to santino's on sunday. it's a tapas and beer joint on lincoln near marine. very friendly service and the food was pretty darn good.

        they have over 80 beers on tap or by the bottle.

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        1. re: wilafur

          What kind of food, wiafur? I have passed this place a million times but never heard anything about it.

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            i would guess spanish/argentinean/maybe italian?

            for example we had: baked empanadas, cheese & charcuterie, caprese salad, grilled skirt steak.

            they mentioned that they have paella day as well once a week...but i don't remember the exact day.

            1. re: wilafur

              Thanks for this. I live nearby and always wondered about that place. It's in such an odd location but I suppose many places in LA are. Someone from my office once brought in a sandwich from there, it was the size of a Welcome mat. They apparently have over 80 beers on the menu. Who knew?

              1. re: hrhboo

                when my friends and i had a late lunch there on sunday, sebastian mentioned that they are in the process of sourcing more beer and are aiming to have +/- 120 beers available in the near future.

                1. re: wilafur

                  [dropping spoon]

                  One hundred and twenty beers? Welcome-mat-sized sandwiches? Where are my car keys?

                  Wait, is it related to the Santino's on Vine and Fountain?

                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                    I don't think they're related. The food doesn't get great reviews, but it seems like a fun place to sink a few.

        2. Agree on Violet. Maybe 2117 on Sawtelle? I haven't been there in a long time, but I seem to remember small plates and moderate prices? I do remember that it was quite good.

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          1. re: Nicole

            I also just remembered Upstairs 2. Fun factor is small plates and the fact that you can get small 2.5 oz pours of wine, so you can try more different wines if you want. Food is good, but not amazing. Menu is on their website:

          2. Arsenal on the patio is an idea. Their food is surprisingly good - everything from small plates to entrees. I love, love, love their grilled cheese sandwich plate, with tomato soup dipping sauce.